Friday, February 18, 2011

Not So Bad!

Today was not a Good Day.

I was tired and slow, and was about to take an early night when someone in my Guild whispered me with a simple question: would I like to do some Arena? The last time I'd played a match was over eighteen months ago: I'd not touched PvP since the expansion hit. I'd said on our Guild website I'd love to do some rated BG's but Arena was something I'd not even considered. Would I be a fool to say yes?

It appears not.

I wasn't awful, far from it, and of the eleven games we played in our 3 v 3 (paladin, rogue, marks hunter) we won five. Not only did I get two achievements to boot but a decent haul of Conquest points to spent, which I did with some speed (epic neck) before nipping off in a burst of post-PvP adrenaline to make a load of crafted gear to supplement my meagre haul of existing items (epic legs from Baradin Hold, wrists I bought when I couldn't get some 333 PvE ones to drop) 2700 plus honor points also means I can grab a set item (hat I think) that will stack with my epic Gladiator legs and give a 400 resilience boost.

I reckon I'll be doing some Battlegrounds tomorrow...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rep Update!

Guild reputation does count towards 55 Exalteds \o/

52 down, three to go :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Second Troll Instance!

I make an effort to read news sites as often as I can: with a game like Warcraft stuff can change sometimes on an almost hourly basis, so it's always good to be in the loop. Today's 'bugger' moment is the removal of the insane Whiptail respawn rate, which Blizzard have finally admitted wasn't intentionally that ridiculous. Ah well, you win some and you lose some.

Whilst trawling across recent Blue Posts this morning I came across this nugget of goodness which piqued my interest:

Zul'aman and Amani Bear Mount
One never knows what might happen with Zul'Aman and the treasures of old found therein... (Source)

That mount, which used to be sold for 10000g on my server by the raid guilds good enough to grab it within the event timer, has always been one of my favourites. Now, call me overly optimistic but if Blizzard didn't intend to do anything with the mount (or indeed the instance) surely the original poster would have received a 'we have no plans to resurrect this instance/this mount at this time' response. I wonder, could ZA be due a makeover a la Onyxia? Watch this space...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Four to Go.

Reps at Exalted currently on P = 51.

Having discovered that Hero of Shattrath still only counts as one reputation (^^) I need to look at where the next Achievement ding is going to come from. As it stands, the next four up are actually not as ridiculous to complete as I thought they might be. In no particular order:

  • Guild Rep : 17924/21000
  • Frenzyheart Tribe : 11961/21000
  • Ashtongue Deathsworn : 18654/21000
  • Brood of Nozdormu : 16661/21000

Guild's numbers are dependant on the weekly cap (which of course I've reached now) but can be knocked off without too much extra effort on my part. I'm doing the Frenzyheart Dailies as part of my normal routine, so give it time. Four of us ran the Black Temple without any real hassle on Saturday night all the way up to the Reliquary of Souls (and with judicious use of Guild reputation-enhancing banners) and one more trip on reset this week will be enough to knock that one off. Similarly the Wonder Pally and I did AQ40 up to the Twin Emps tonight plus an AQ 20 (three day reset \o/)  and a couple more of those should be more than enough to put the Brood to bed. After that we're into the realms of Utterly Unreasonable Reputation Grinds (and the possibility of accidentally achieving The Insane by association) and no, I'm not going there for at least a week for quite some time.

Ooh and I'm five recipes short of Iron Chef ./flex. Gief moar Crab collecting dailies!