Monday, December 05, 2011

This Week, I Will Be Mostly...

WARNING: Legendary quest lines are not cheap. That is all.

  • Putting anyone with a pulse who is eligible through the Darkmoon Weeklies. Quite aside of the chance for RARE PETS ZOMG WRONG DWARF the +5 to all skills not yet maxxed is not to be underestimated. Add to this the frankly ridiculous amount of stuff that you can pull from a Sealed Crate around the coast (24 Heavy Savage Leather and 18 Mythical Healing Potions last night) and it's the place to be until the end of the week. I have plenty of people who haven't scored a Bullseye yet. Addictive mini games ftw!

  • Running those now eligible for New 5 Mans though them, repeatedly, until my eyes bleed and I have moar people ready for LFR.

  • Investigating re-running ALL the Outland and Northrend dungeons all over again for those who could use the rep and the rewards for mogging. I'm looking at YOU, Honor Hold rep!

  • Making back the 10k I dropped for Stage #1 Legendary Daggers. No, I doubt I will EVER make it to Stage #2 unless Blizzard award a 3000% damage buff to average Rogues. However the primary rewards are Epic, decently statted and are likely to last me until Pandaland, where I can store them away until DS is solable. Forward planning!

  • Working out how I fit everything in with only 20 days before Christmas. GAH!

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Anonymous said...

Randomly wandering around the DFM Island I found an undead vendor in a shack selling "interesting" food.

Now I just need to find out goes on in that cave and found out if there are other things to discover.