Thursday, November 24, 2011

We WILL Know...

As previously announced the Raid Finder will use an altered version of Need Before Greed that provides loot roll bonuses to those that have entered the raid in the role (tank, DPS, healing) that uses those items. Unfortunately the system is currently unable to detect spec, and so this creates some issues for classes that utilize stats that are not "common" to that role.

With Mists of Pandaria our expectation is that we will have the ability to detect spec, and so all of these issues go away for future raids.
This (points above) is the shortened version announcing the 4.3 LFR Loot priorities. I will leave far better minds than mine to analyse the issues therein, as I'm not likely to find myself being bothered by them. My mentality on loot in PuG's will remain as it has since I ran my first: don't expect anything at all, if you get summat it's a bonus. What I'm far more concerned about is contained in that last line.

'We will have the ability to detect spec.'

Yes, it is only an expectation but still, this is fairly massive. It probably has a great deal to do with the redesign of Talent Trees to boot, if I think about it. Blizzard will know, there will be NO WAY OUT. If you want to gear for OS, you'll be forced to run the Finder in it. There's a thing, right there. One can also logically assume that if this system is being rolled out for Raids, they'll do the same for 5 Mans and Heroics, which could theoretically be the best thing that's happened to the entire system since they introduced it. The only potential issue that I can see (and I'm wondering if it will be covered) is if someone enters a Raid/5 Man, someone leaves, and an existing member decides to change spec (maybe if a tank leaves and you have a DPS Druid with a Tank OS) If they can make the system do that then frankly we're all golden. This could be the most significant game change we've seen since Dual Specs were introduced. [*]

Then the problem becomes Gear Itemisation. Blizzard know they have a problem to address there anyway, and it starts at L1. If such a fundamental change is being considered, one can only hope that the people doing it are well aware of what stats will bolt onto each role/spec, and gear in future instances will be dealt with accordingly. The only way we know if that works or not is to get the system live.

Is it 4.3 yet? :D

[*] You may disagree. That's what the comments are for :D

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