Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Week, I Will be Mostly...

Best fight in game? Quite possibly... ^^

  • Not being here in the daytime, if I'm honest.  Am really enjoying ploughing through NaNoWriMo (35k plus, still going strong)  but I am gradually getting behind on my college work and I'm going to need to dedicate a couple of days to getting myself back up to date. Something therefore has to give, and as there will be a fair deal of interest in Azeroth next week I think this is the time for a step back. I'm still reading though, coz a girl's gotta procrastinate :D

  • Doing Archy on a second alt. OH THE HORROR.

  • Grinding in one hour bursts. It's a pretty profitable exercise thus far.

  • Reminding myself via the medium of the Internet that it's nearly a month until Christmas, and I might actually need to do something about that...

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