Wednesday, November 09, 2011

That's Torn It...

As expected, Guild Master Services have arrived in the EU this morning.

Sadly, it appears that your Guild will need to be Level 3 or above to be able to do the transfer thang. As my Horde Guild is L1 and I don't intend to level a Guild Bank with two tabs any time soon, I am resigned to the fact I'll be disbanding it and grabbing my Horde Druid a spot in my Alliance Vanity Guild instead.

I've just cleared out my bank contents, sold anything that I have duplicate of, transferred the Guild Bank nest-egg and am off to Icecrown to get enough Tournament Tokens to grab a Horde pet before I change my Tauren into a Worgen... and after that, it's time to rename the Alliance Vanity Guild... :D

I suppose I'll then have to rethink my Grand Bankalt Plan :D

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