Friday, November 11, 2011

Now Then.

Point 1: Blizzard employee on Twitter reports Season 10 PvP ending November 29th with the hashtag #indirectpatchreleasedateannouncements. Needs a snappier acronym, Bashiok ^^ This also means that actually, I WAS RIGHT, and 4.3's gonna be live first week of December so that people go straight to the Faire. I linked MMO's blue feed with that link for a reason. Apparently there was a second tweet from Bashiok (note: must follow him on Twitter) which is FAR more interesting:

14 hours until I eat butterflies. I'm going to eat like 1 million butterflies. I hope there's an achievement.

Many people are interpreting (as pandas eat butterflies) this as an indicator that the Mists of Pandaria Friends and Family Alpha is about to start. If I were a betting woman, I'd say that Blizzard would be hoping to get some kind of Beta of that active and running.... oooh, let's say in December sometime. Maybe about the same time that The Star Wars Game is released? Yeah, that would work.

Point 2: I respond to a Tweet by Blizzard CS EU, who are asking what Mogged outfits people will be wearing come 4.3 with this post. The subsequent re-tweet (to 16,802 other people) caused a mini-site meltdown. ./waves at all the new people who are now here, nice to have you around. As a result of this I have sorted out at least one more Mogging outfit, am halfway through a second, and I will post pictures and links of both when I'm done. Never underestimate the power of a a Twitter link, web fans.

Point 3: 25,000 Valor Points :O P got it in a 25 man Baradin Hold, as it happens. She's now stupidly over her 4k cap, with nothing really to buy (bracers done for everyone who needs them, not doing enchanting mats, swimming in those already) so I suppose it will be MOAR GLODS in a couple of weeks.

Right, I'm putting the kettle on now: anyone else want a cuppa?

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