Sunday, November 06, 2011

Let's Play our Game...

4.3 is on the Background Downloader. No it won't be patched next week, because this is a Raiding Content deal we're talking about and it's still being tested. They're gonna want it to be spot on. The question then becomes, when are we likely to see a Release Candidate on the PTR.

When will 4.3 hit the Live Realms?

I'm still hoping we might see the Darkmoon Faire appear this morning on the PTR, and I'm downloading the latest patch to see if that's the case right now. I cannot believe that Blizzard would send this out without some testing... oh look!

Seen on a wall in SW... that wasn't there before... ^^

The Darkmoon Faire is up on the PTR. Time to play another game... ^^

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