Friday, November 25, 2011

Because There Is No Time ^^

I did think, at the back of my mind, that I might be taking a wee bit too much on this month, and it has proven that I am aware of my limits. As a result, I won't be doing THAT Beta this weekend (because if I'm brutally honest I'm not that interested right now. There, I said it.) Writing is my big love and my main time sink so I really don't want to put that behind the Gaming. This means, this weekend, apart from the Screenshots I need to deal with it's going to be Real Life and Not Here. Plus, I really do need to deal with some College stuff, plus the Gym and family time.

I hope all of you having a Weekend of Turkey enjoy yourselves, and that those of you buying Cheap Stuffs get what you're looking for. We will return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast on Monday.

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arcanewordsmith said...

Yeah, that's why I didn't do the 50 screenshots or the Gnome Clone project. I just had to draw the line somewhere. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!