Friday, October 21, 2011

Too Much to Take In...

Yes, it's PANDAS.

Currently there's a bit too much to take in. I'm watching three different websites AND the Blizzard Live Stream and frankly, brain is about to explode. I have two panda character names already booked on the server and I'm looking at a real need to have to delete some people to fit this all in, unless of course we get some new character slots. I'll work it out, smart girl like me.

The biggest news thus far however has to be the Annual Pass. Pay for the year, get a mount, Diablo 3 for nothing and ACCESS TO THE BETA. It's going to happen. Probably with birthday money, as it happens, as that's on Sunday.

Other people are reporting stuff, go read them instead. I'll be over here working out if I can register any more kicking Panda names... ^^


Sarolian said...

Hunter's minumum range - gone

Hunter's melee weapon - gone

And yay for the Brewmasterish tank ;)

Sephrenya said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday :)

Regarding the Annual Pass - you don't actually have to pay the whole year up front. I've signed up as it is likely I will play for a year more and am continuing to pay every 3 months as I have done since I began.

There is so much to like that I have read. Of course there are things that don't interest me, but I'm not bothered about them as long as they don't have a negative effect on how I play - so far there is nothing that I have seen to suggest that there will be.

My son and I have spent a nice half an hour going through stuff and squeeing at different things. Was interesting to see what ticked his buttons and what mine :)