Monday, October 10, 2011

Time to Do Things Properly...

Cleanup, Aisle 4 please!

It is becoming increasingly apparent that I need A Proper Plan.

As I move further into my college courses, time is becoming a luxury. This means when I'm online there is a real need to maximise my movements. I had an hour on Saturday, for instance and I went and finished the Ashenvale quests I'd had outstanding in P's log, and have the starter quest in Stonetalon ready to pick up and run through when I get the time this week. This evening I should have an hour free to runabout my current #1 Grinding spot, something I really feel I ought to make time to do every day before 4.3. With the current earnings from this alone I'll have a decent nest egg to buy Void Storage for everyone and have change over to pick up anything I might need to upgrade gears.

Then it becomes a case of prioritising everything else. I'm hearing mutterings that you'll need a minimum of iLevel 363 gear to step foot in the new 5 Mans, which means all but three of the current 85's have work to do. It would make logical sense therefore to max out everyone's JP/VP's to boot as soon as I have everyone to that level, which is probably a level of logistical competency I'm not yet able to attain, but we can at least try. This would mean extra cash if previous roll-overs are to be followed, and that can't be a bad thing.

I reckon I'll be sitting down with paper and pencil this week and making some kind of formal rough plan of action. I'm betting we'll see 4.3 in early December, and considering what else there is to do between now and then, I'll need some direction...

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