Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jewelcrafting Maths Time!

Time for some hard jewelcrafting numbers:

  • W currently has 126 Tokens saved.
  • Assuming 4.3 is not deployed to AT LEAST December 1st, that would mean if I do the JC Daily WITHOUT FAIL until then I'll have an additional 35 tokens.
  • Therefore I'll have a total of 171 Tokens to spend, which will mean 34 recipes if I buy specific cuts.
  • Checking the PTR, there are 51 Recipes to learn in total.

The Tome of Burning Jewels then will come into it's own, after I've taken the major cuts that I know the majority of Guildies are going to want. This will mean probably all the 'pure' blue, yellow and red gem recipes (which would take 14 x 5 = 70 tokens to begin with) leaving me a useful 101 still to spend. If I was specific and bought particular cuts that would mean only another 20 recipes but if I gambled with the Tomes I'd be able to get another five, which I have to say I reckon would be worthwhile.

There are however no PvP gems currently included in this calculation, and I am assuming they won't appear until the PvP gear is finalised. That would mean at least another Yellow Major Cut which I reckon I'd take, considering how well the +40 resilience gem currently sells. Even factoring in this, I think I'm going to be pretty well set come 4.3: now I wonder about whether we'll be seeing a transmute recipe for the gems or whether Blizzard will be sticking to their guns with the 'only getting gems from raiding' path...

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