Thursday, April 07, 2011

More Thinking, Less Action.

Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms, eh?

So in principle it's a great idea. Practically speaking there's going to be an awful lot of dps classes who will be thinking 'bugger, no extra rewards for us then' which is all very well and good and yes, it should encourage people to want to tank and heal more but WHY THOSE 3 MOUNTS. Well, you know why because they're freaking impossible to get, so we'll offer them to the classes that no-one wants to play and that's bound to act as an incentive, right?.


The idea is sound. Whoever thought of it, kudos for coming up with a set of rewards that immediately upsets the people who won't get a sniff at them, because this means that clearly you picked the right ones.

There is a really easy solution to this issue though. There's a way to keep far more people happy and still promote the influx of new tanking and healing players into the Dungeon Finder.


Seriously, this solves all the problems, and people like me who chose to make their hunter the Mount Collector can level their healer or tank, go run them in Heroics and if we get lucky, the mount goes to the person you want. Also, if by some amazing co-incidence you get a duplicate mount or pet (and yes, it happens because RNG is random) it doesn't go to waste, you can give it to another alt. Oh, and please don't give me that 'we can't make them BoA because it will impact elsewhere', just change the original drop locations and make them BoA as well. Not hard. BoA means no selling on AH and people cashing in. BoA is there, start using it for these ultra low drop rate vanity items.

Needless to say, if this change goes live as is, there is going to be just as many happy as sad pandas.

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Jonathan said...

I agree completely. They don't even have to change the Bind status of the mounts; just make the goody bag BoA.