Tuesday, April 26, 2011


4.1 is this week. Go read about it.

I strongly suggest you watch the trailer for this patch. It marks a definite step up in quality in terms of dungeon footage, and it includes Giant Rolling Boulders. Seriously, you'll not go far wrong with That Indiana Jones Reference.

There is So Much to Deal With in 4.1 that frankly I'm at somewhat of a loss but, as none of it involves any actual new Raid content or any gear that will replace existing raid drops, I'll take things as they come. I have been working on getting all three current 85's to the iLevel 346 required for entry to the new Heroics (rogue is at 343, new gloves will sort it, should get the points for those this evening and Cataclysmically Superior to boot) and past that...well, we'll busk it. Levelling the Gnome Priest to 85 after this patch becomes attractive and is probably high up the priority list but apart from that, we'll take it as it comes.

I'd also reccomend spending five minutes taking in everything that's going to change today, if only so you can work out how many points you'll be converting for gear upgrades and what spells will change for your class. This means tomorrow I won't have to *sigh* at you for asking Stupid Questions in Trade... ^^

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