Wednesday, March 02, 2011

These Boots are Made for Selling...

A quick word of warning for anyone stockpiling Valor Points in the hope 4.1 will give them a gear advantage: it's not going to happen. I've seen this discussed on various forums in the last few days, and it's Wow Insider that sums it up best:

Since Blizzard is not adding a new tier of points, your Valor point tally the day patch 4.1 launches will be rolled down into your Justice points. I know that for certain. I'm pretty sure that if you end up over the cap of 4,000 Justice points when your Valors are rolled down, you will be able to go over the cap. But you won't accrue any more justice points until you've spent some.

There's no point in hoarding in the hope you'll get an early crack at the new gear as was the case at Cata launch (once you'd made it to 85 at least) However, and this point is fairly significant, a surfeit of Valor and Justice points could work to your advantage. The reason lies in some of the items currently available from the Valor Points vendor:

You may have noticed on your server that people are selling the BoE Valor Points boots already: there are nine to choose from (which covers most needs) and frankly if you've bought everything else you could use from this vendor it's a pretty decent way of netting 18-25k (depending on the time of the week) If these remain BoE in 4.1 (can't check the PTR currently as all the servers are down) then frankly I know I'd be stupid not to drop my spare Justice Points on these across the family. If you're quick on patch release and you have points to burn, I'd have these on the AH as soon as humanly possible.

This also raises the point that it may well be worth maxxing both Valor and Justice points for 4.1 assuming this would grant you 8000 points (or 4.9 pairs of boots ^^) I still have a couple of items I'd like for VP's (cloak and ring spring to mind) but it would be great to have some left over to help out another member of the clan. I would suspect that closer to actual release of 4.1 we'll get some confirmation of how this rollover will work from the official channels. Until then, I'll be planning which boots would be the best first purchase...

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