Wednesday, March 02, 2011

PTR 4.1 :: Old Friends.

Here, don't I know you from somewhere..?

Welcome to PTR Build 13698, which not only introduces a new Lashtail Hatchling (as a result one assumes of the quest chain in STV) to the family of Vanity Pets, but an old friend back to the game. Yes, it's Griftah, who's bought his selection of completely-useless amulets to Stormwind Harbour (and the Hula Girl Doll, Engineers making Flying Machines please note) and starts a new quest chain what sends you to meet Budd, fresh from his adventures in Cataclysm, back in the Ghostlands...

The questline in STV's been updated too:

I couldn't give P her 'real' name on the PTR, so I decided to use the name of my first ever Dwarf character, Brunhilda. She's stuck right now over the Barrens in PTR Bug Hell, so I'm hoping I'll be able to log back in this time and get her to Winterspring for Cub Investigation before nipping back to STV...

[EDIT: I've been dumped out of the game by three characters now attempting to get to Winterspring, two at the same spot in the Barrens due to an 'assertion failure' :( I've got one premade hunter left on the server but as he's in Darnassus I'm not sure I'll be any more successful in making any progress... We'll try again later!]

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