Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Grind Easy!

Winterspring Rep, Old Skool Stylee...

Grinding for a Winterspring Mount will, in 4.1, get an awful lot easier. The Wowhead Blog confirms that the selection of hugely annoying repeatable quests will be replaced by the supervision of a Winterspring Cub over a 20 day period, leading to you 'growing' and finally 'riding' the mount you trained and cared for. This is identical to what the Horde do with their Ravasaur Mount in Un'Goro, and I can attest from personal experience that it's a far more satisfying grind. You'll need to be L50 to start this, and currently there are only two 'quests' you'll have to choose between on a daily basis (Horde have four) but I would suspect we'll see others added before 4.1 goes live. What this does mean of course is another Reputation faction goes the way of the Dodo. This had better not impact my 55 completed... ^^

There's a bonus though, in the shape of a new vanity pet, the Winterspring Cub, which is a 50g purchase from an NPC in Everlook. As it's not a BoP item, I'd expect to see people trying to make a quick buck on these when the patch drops. I'll swing by on the PTR later and see if these are limited supply or not...

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