Monday, March 21, 2011

A Change in Direction...

It's the Hat. I love the Hat ^^

Say hello please to my 'looks like Slash from Guns and Roses (1990's stylee)' Worgen. I've faffed a great deal with her over the weekend and have come to the conclusion that there is actually no point in questing and doing Random Dungeons whilst levelling with full Heirloom gear, especially with Guild Perks, it is just as productive to skin/herb and sell the results on the AH whilst I progress. In fact doing things this way has several advantages: I can make money ridiculously quickly, I can combine my love of grinding leather and picking flowers and at the same time help the Guild towards the 10,000 fishing from pools achievement (also making cash) Really, all told, it's a win/win/win situation.

As a result I will be spending time this week taking the Main Hunter and the Warlock out for a Daily Heroic but mostly faffing around in low level areas because I enjoy levelling another hunter without actually having to Quest. I will return to questing at some point I know (firstly to do them all on the Lock for cash) but for now, this is my way of being happy in-game.

I do have one fishing-related trip to make on P before I start today though...

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