Friday, February 04, 2011

...and in Other News...

Professor P is a happy Dwarf. We still don't have the Bug mount (but I'll work on that) but we do have 20 artifacts after over a week of what was pretty relentless grinding. In Good News (TM) I've raring to go on the alt levelling front, though I suspect I'll avoid Kalimdor for a while ^^ On reflection, my twentieth artifact was oddly appropriate:

My brain did hurt a great deal looking at artifacts.The resulting 'flavour' item's pretty cool as it happens, and it means all I have left to discover are things that have some actual use (staff x 2, mount, pet, sword of DOOM x 2) Needless to say, I'm not digging anything up for a few days...

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Gen said...

Grats Professor P.

Weren't you in Cluedo or something?!