Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've been working over the Weekend on the final stages of my Professions grind. I'm rather pleased with how things stand.

K the Mage's Tailoring is at 520/525, with my first pieces of Dreamcloth made. Once they all come off CD on Saturday I'll maxx out, but as K's still at 80 it'll be a while before I can get to Professions Island for the Epic patterns, which frankly would be rather useful now for W's Lock-ing. As a result, K may be the next alt to be actively levelled. That means that I only have Blacksmithing left to level on M the Shammy. However, as was the case with Leatherworking there is only so far you can go without the purchasable recipes in the Twilight Highlands. So, until I can push her to 84 her Blacksmithing remains at 512/525. I'll start stockpiling the mats I need to purchase items though, so when it happens I can at least finish the task quickly.

As you'll see from my Achievements widget I have cooked thirty Cataclysm recipes, but it'll be a few days yet before I make it to the heady heights of Iron Chef. After that I'm very tempted to move to Uldum with P... to make an effort finally to try and get the Crawling Craw...

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