Friday, December 17, 2010

More of the Same.

Give your gifts this year via Crane, it's awesome!

I had hoped that because the entire world had been remodelled Blizzard might have redone the Festive stuff this year but alas it's pretty much business as usual. It was this time last year I wrote a letter to Santa (and got a mention in WoW Insider) plus an entire boatload of grief from people who couldn't take a joke. This year one assumes that everyone's too busy knocking off new content to argue.

With 10 days of the new Expansion under my belt I did my first Heroic last night, and it was as hard as everyone has said it would be. In a year, when we all outgear these places I'm sure there will be some chuckling about Just How Hard it was to do the third boss in the Lost City of the Tol'vir, but for now it was three wipes to down him. Last night felt like doing a mini-10 man, if truth be told, and if that's what Blizzard were planning with these new difficulty curves then I reckon they've got it spot on. Needless to say, I'll not be going near LFG for a while. Random Gomer from Server X pulling mobs in these places is not summat I look forward to.

However I don't agree that Heroics are Broken. As a poster says early on, enjoy the difficulty because it will be faceroll after the next major patch.

Have a family weekend planned so I'll be away from the game until Monday, when I return I think it's high time we had an overview of where we are and what the plans are for the Festive Period. Have a great weekend guys, and keep working on that reputation!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One out of Ten :D

P's dun. I didn't check the actual time /played but I'm guessing it won't have been very long. After a bit of faffing, some JP spendage and 1000g on the AH her gear's at iLevel 327, which is pretty close to the 333 [*] required for Heroic Entry. Pity none of the LW patterns I bought at L84 appear to be actually learnable yet, will need to do some research to see what I can in fact buy and craft (hopefully a GM will have refunded my leather when we're back up from Maintenance)

Next stop: Archaeology!

[*] EDIT: TY to those pointing out that 329 is actually the requirement, I was going by the iLevel that was specified in Beta as my benchmark. No matter, I am almost there!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First In!

Time to go out gathering again, then...

W the Lock, still a lowly L80, has the first maxxed profession of the family.

Thinking about it, Alchemy would be the skill I'd first want to have at 525 as soon as I could. This means I have a selection of flasks for raiding and heroics, gem transmutes for raw materials but most importantly of all in crafting terms I have access to Truegold. It's on the one day cooldown of course, and shares the same CD as the Living Elements Transmute (but usefully does not with the blue quality gem recipes, which will be rather important with the changes to Jewelcrafting) but with my Transmute Mastery giving some decent and consistent results since the Expansion I'm quietly hoping for some luck. The materials are all lined up in the bank... roll on 11pm :D

W's Jewelcrafting is crawling along by comparison, but yesterday came the all important 475 which opens up the JC Daily and the ability to prospect Elementium. As a result I'll be making sure she does the daily religiously even if she's not yet out questing for a stock of JC awards. By the same token N the Priest's Enchanting skill now allows her to DE just about anything I can throw at her, and her Inscription's close to 510, thanks to the wonder that is the Forged Documents recipe. However I won't be making any significant progress with her until a) I can get her to L84 and b) she does the first round of quests to open up Professions Island in the Twilight Highlands. I appreciate why Blizzard have done this, but I'm pretty certain things will change in terms of which recipes are available where. If it's possible to maxx at least one tradeskill without leaving Stormwind, it ought to be feasible to do them all. I'll put money we'll see the recipe for the Runed Elementium Rod pop up somewhere else, or at least they'll be a restructuring of the recipe requirements that demand you have one to skill.

Ironically P has arrived in the Twilight Highlands, and foolishly bought three recipes before she realised they require L85 to learn ^^ Needless to say I reckon I'll get there sometime on Wednesday. Last night's new instance was Grim Batol, where I managed my first bit of L333 gear. Have to say, not a fan of the bombing run: I reckon this instance could become the new Oculus...

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Welcome Change

Was news to me, so I thought I'd pass it onto you.

Remember all that PvP you ground relentlessly which is now completely eclipsed by 85 gears in terms of everything except resilience? No need to destroy it this time around, you can sell it! 1 copper is better then nothing, after all :D

As you can see above, W the Lock had a bit of a clearout. I'm kinda glad I never got around to gemming a lot of this either.

Tier gears sadly are still unsellable, but can be disenchanted if you're able.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Surveying the Changes

The treasure you require is over there...

It was going to happen. After a slew of late nights and mass grinding, I got the lurgi that's been going around (via School, as these things normally are) and spent all of Saturday in bed. It was glorious. Whether this indicates a sea change in my mind or simply expansion fatigue... either way, I refuse to get obsessed this time.

Having five less levels to grind is, if truth be told, a bit of a disappointment. What it does mean however is that I now don't have to worry about being quick to level, coz there are plenty of other people doing that perfectly well. The Guild scored it's first Heroic Achievement without me tonight and I'm secretly rather pleased, because I'm still faffing around at 84 doing fishing and levelling professions (JC-ing, yet again, is going to be an utter PIG) and in no real hurry to max out. There's too much else to do first.

My first priority when I get to 85 (as I've been levelling with The Wonder Pally) will NOT to be to throw myself headlong into a gearing curve, but to level Archaeology. Despite all the complaints I've heard I really enjoy the 'grind' of sites and I'm determined to max it over the Christmas period, just because I can. I'd also like to max my fishing and cookery skills as I suspect it may be some time before I can do the same with Leatherworking. Then we can think about getting the other two members of the Expeditionary Force out and about...

Oh yes, and I made my Worgen. More on that next week.