Saturday, October 23, 2010


Today's task on P: get some achievement points from somewhere. After twelve AV's I thought maybe I'd picked the wrong one to try, after all I've been looking to finish this one for the best part of two years. However, I got there with 15 seconds to spare on my twelfth attempt:

Maybe, just maybe I will try for some more honor for a PvP weapon tomorrow. ^^

As a bonus however:

Random Trip to Magister's Terrace = WIN \o/



Friday, October 22, 2010

Working As Intended?

This week has really not been very heroic, at all.

Needless to say, Maintenance on Wednesday pretty much broke the Servers. In fairness they'd been borked (because of the issue with interactive cogweels that still refuses to go away, which appears to be in some way related to tooltips...) but it just got worse, and for me at least, the issues remain. This makes doing the daily Headless Horseman a little more challenging than normal. It also means I've not seen anyone achieve The Hallowed so far, despite three alts all being very close to doing so. I suspect this means there'll be a lot of Trick or Treating this weekend...

Many things are not right still after 4.0.1. There are bugs and annoyances aplenty. To add to the hassle we had another Guildie hacked yesterday morning and I decided it was time to bite the bullet and apply authenticators to anyone wanting bank access. However there is a downside to this, as I discovered. Anyone who has not yet logged onto the game post 4.0.1 cannot be promoted, because the game assumes that you have an authenticator only when you log a character on for the first time. There is a 72 hour window before any promotion can occur as a result. This means that at least one officer who hasn't logged since the patch was deployed will have to remain without their status for the time being, for which I apologise profusely (yes L, this means you...)  It also means I'll need to get everyone to log every alt they'll want to have bank access for before I can promote anyone back to to being capable of doing so...

It would help if I was working as intended though all this, but sadly I'm not :(


My mage's name may be removed, but that's all that's been altered. Yes, my Water Elemental has a custom name. :O I've seen this posted on wow_ladies via Livejournal, and the speculation that this could be considered as an exploit.

It's not often I get to try summat like this, so I thought I'd see if it was still possible, and it is. I assume that it won't need a /run command to implement a name should they decide to keep this ability, so I'm watching the US Thread for a Blue response with interest.

Bear in mind, if you do it, there could be consequences ^^

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still Here!

Just had to rebuild all my UI's for every alt again, from scratch. This is not an easy task.

Also, European realms are broken, so took the opportunity this afternoon to do some actual Real Life stuff.

Normal Service will be resumed tomorrow.

Monday, October 18, 2010

There Is No Loot

You're likely to see this dialog a lot over the next two weeks. This is what happens if you're not lucky with your Headless Horseman Bag 'o' Swag. Yes, it's Hallow's End Time. 26 Justice points for sixty seconds work. Forget the drops unless L200 Rings are any use however, nothing has changed.

Frankly I think it would have been more appropriate to have stuck some flavour text under the Loot-Filled Pumpkin that said simply 'May not actually contain loot.' That's going to get really depressing if that's all you see for the next two weeks...

If you're lucky however...

You might get summat useful for Cataclysm:

That settles it, W the Lock's going to finish the Long Strange Trip achievement for the 310% mount speed boost...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

That's Torn It...

If I were you, I'd start running now... ^^

Back to Basics.

Yesterday was lost to BT poking my Exchange. Please don't ask.

Today's plan therefore carries over from yesterday: it's time to get back to Huntering for a bit. I've got my head around the rotations, I can do decent enough AoE with Multishot (I've seen it hitting at least six targets in DtK  so the principle is sound, all they need to do now is increase the dps) so it's time to pull in some pets and look at what's on offer. Having seen a fellow Guild Hunter produce some decent numbers with a cat in tow I've gone back to my roots and retrained the second pet I ever possessed in game and the one that ran with me through all of MC, AQ20 and ZA. Bagheera has been reborn :D

Tanking with Polar appears a decent possibility again, and for survivability (plus quite possibly soloing the first run of 80-85 content) I think Gromit the Core Hound could give the bear a run for his money. It's odd thinking that I might do new content NOT as Marks, for the first time in five years, but the options the Exotics can give me now really shouldn't be ignored. What I could do with Blizzard conceding to is that it would be nice to have some way of remembering what spec you gave each pet when you stable them so there's an easier way to relearn the talents every time you have to swap them about, especially when dual speccing. Failing that I'm going to need to print out the specs and keep them somewhere easily accessible... ^^

In between bouts of Huntering I'll also be getting my head around Priest Healing on N. Upgrading here to full T10 looks a distinct possibility, considering the ease I'm gathering Justice Points, and I think I'll aim for as many pieces as I can before December. Switching between these two should be enough to keep my brain active, as well as giving me time to adapt to my new interface. I've not even considered specs for Hunter #2 or the Mage as yet, and both Priest and Shammy don't have an OS to speak of either, but I will get around to covering everything next week.

I'm genuinely excited about going back to basics. Huntering never looked so exciting :D

PS: Hope you like the new background xxx