Saturday, October 02, 2010

Don't Mess with the Trees [*]

Druidry in the United Kingdom is to become the first pagan practice to be given official recognition as a religion.


There's a punchline here, I'm damned if I can find it though.

[*] and the Cats and the Bears and the Owls for that matter...

Grab Your Keys...

The Cataclysm 'Raid Lockout' system comes to 4.0.1.

Yes, you should read the entire post. If you don't understand it, read it again. It's basically saying you can kill any boss in ICC, in either 10 or 25 man, but once they're dead that's it. You're done. You now have to choose which version of the game you're going to take: the 251 version in 10 man or the 264 in 25 man. Synchronised loot only appears in Cataclysm. For now, it's decision time.

This is going to screw up an awful lot of people's plans for the run up to the Expansion...

Friday, October 01, 2010


From wow_ladies on Livejournal. Please supply your own caption :D

My Best Thing

I'm rather proud of the last -- in the stats above. I've never died by standing in fire /flex. The fact I have died far too many times (most in Outland) by not looking behind me when backing away as a Hunter... another story.

I read with interest from Frostheim on WoW Insider this morning that both the new Druid and Shaman AoE healing spells create voids on the floor. He's worried it's going to confuse the 'don't stand in sh*t' mantra that (I know as a GM) you have to repeat again and again to people and I can entirely understand his concern. However, as I was discussing with a Guildie last night, watching your feet is likely to be the least of your worries once Cataclysm proper is upon us. This Guildie is one of our best in the DPS department (and is a damn smart tank to boot) and he was lamenting to me last night his inability on the PTR to find any kind of satisfactory rotation. With confirmation that Europe's likely to see 4.0.1 on October 13th there's going to be plenty of time to do our homework and prepare ourselves for Cataclysm's new content. Whether we'll all be ready to stand in the right stuff and move out of the wrong come December... well, that's the plan. I'm considering programming a week of raiding once we're there just to see how bad we all are at adapting to change...

As to the ACTUAL Cataclysm release...? December 7th says MMO, this time backed up by an actual Blue confirmation (even if it's just of the new Season's Battleground start date):
Arena battles and Rated Battlegrounds are only available during an active player versus player combat season. Season nine will begin on December 14th, so be prepared at that time to take your shot at glory!

Even with the use of 'approximately' in the blue post I'd say we're pretty much set fair. Countdown Timer is amended...

Thursday, September 30, 2010


There's a quite strong possibility 4.0.1 could be deployed NEXT WEEK.

./flails wildly.


Decisions, Decisions...

Blizzard changed the conversion rate for Emblems. One Frosty or Triumph will be worth a MASSIVE 11.58 Justic Points, and any JP over the 4000 hard cap come Cata will now be converted to 47.5 silver per point.

Had Blizzard stuck with the 1 JP = 2g conversion, they'd have owed me 8652g. I can totally understand why they reduced that... ^^

As a result of this change, today's dilemma is as follows:

Do I spend 276 Emblems on 12 Primordial Saronite (which will make one pair of 264 legs of for the Priest plus almost another pair of 264 boots for someone else) or do I blow them on three pieces of L254 PvP Gears for P's Rated BG Adventures?



a Brewfest Keg, that is.

Sadly I still had to destroy a Kodo :(

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Emptying the Buckets... alt at a time :D

...and all in one evening :D
W's explorations are complete, and with them a selection of screenshots I'll be compiling into an album once I've sent M the Rogue on the same task. The Zandalar rep didn't even need a trip to ZG to complete, thanks to a generous Guildie who'd just finished the same grind himself and provided me with some spare coins and bijoux. Next up for the Warlock: Classic Dungeonmaster!

Oh and I had to post this shot, highlighting the awesomeness that is the Great Brewfest Kodo combined with a quick shlurp of Dire Brew...

K the Mage models this Autumn's Signature colours of brown and... brown!
Malygos is the weekly for us, so hopefully P can get it done to finally complete the Instance Quest (having managed to win a Key to the Focussing Iris about a year after everyone else...)

Establishing a Timeline

Blizzard have formally announced the Cataclysm pre and post-patch deployment on their site. A blue names a possible date for the end of the current Arena Season ('We are currently planning to end Arena Season 8 as early as October 12') Does this FINALLY mean that a release date is coming?

As my learned friend J has pointed out on several occasions, Blizzard likes to to give two months notice on their expansion announcements. Were we to actually believe the Amazon-leaked date that means we've already missed the boat (no news this week) This means that the next possible Tuesday release date is November 30th, and we'd look for something on the 5th. With Blizzard's announcement of the following week for possible Arena end I'd say that MMO's prediction of early December has a fair bit of credence. From a 'sell as many copies of the Expansion by Christmas as possible' perspective however the earlier Cataclysm ships the bigger Activision's profits will become the following year, so there is still a chance we'll see it in November, but it is becoming increasingly slim...

There will be plenty to keep us occupied however: there is formal confirmation of the patch AFTER 4.0.1 bringing some pretty juicy changes...
4.0.3: The Sundering. Shortly before Cataclysm launches, Azeroth as you know it will be changed forever. Patch 4.0.3 will bring with it cataclysmic changes to the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Players will be able to find new and exciting sights to see and quests to do in the level 1-60 zones, all-new troll and gnome introductory experiences, redesigned capital cities, new race/class combinations, and more!
Right then, that settles it. N the Draenai will be changing into N the Gnome, and with the much-anticipated introduction of a Gnome Starting Area there should be the opportunity for those without Exalted rep with the little guys to go get that bar filled... but the question now has to be do I level someone as something to do while I wait for the End of the World as we know it? The jury will shortly be retiring to consider this possibility...

4.0.3 will, by the sounds of it, be the new terrain without the ability to use a flying mount across it. However part of me suspects that Archaeology is going to be locked into the Expansion data and if this is the case, having something to do before it arrives is looking increasingly attractive...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Revert to Plan H

I've decided just having one herb gatherer isn't enough for Cataclysm.

Now you might be thinking 'well most people manage with one herbalist just fine ACTUALLY' and you would of course be correct. However, as should now be apparent, I like doing things in the most complicated, involved and ultimately nerdy way possible. Hence we give you now the hastily-concocted Plan H.

My only Herbalist thus far is M the Druid, who isn't going out as my first wave of levellers. W the Lock is an Alchemist and Jewelcrafter, and is part of the Azerothian Expeditionary Forces as well as N the Priest (Enchanting, Inscription) and P (Leatherworking, Skinning) That means that I will need someone to be providing mining and herbalism services to enable these guys to crack on with professions as they go. Step up M the Rogue: she had skinning and mining as proffs to help pull in some cash whilst levelling, so it's not a hardship to forget skins and pick up the picking (as it were) Plus, as she levels I can store her gathering efforts to sell on at Cataclysm launch. Job dun!

M's also the only suitable candidate to hold epic mount skill: can't be gathering on a slow mount, now can we? Not when they'll be about four gazillion other people all aiming for the same Expansion nodes... and of course, gathering in Cataclysm will grant XP. It's perfect...

As a result of all this, I'd expect M to be the second alt this week to earn her World Explorer tabard... :D

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Beauty of Azeroth

Azeroth really is rather a beautiful place to waste time in.

This was the view W had on her way to hand in her Zandalar rep late yesterday afternoon, and it occurred to me as I screenied that there will be a number of places that won't actually exist any more in a couple of months. As a result I will be taking a couple of people away from their regularly scheduled duties for a trip around the Old World one more time, picking up World Explorer along the way.

Remind me to make an album for old time's sake...

*Rolls Eyes*

MMO now saying Cataclysm is December 7th or 14th.

Make your mind up fellas... ^^

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Halion isn't nearly as hard as everyone has told me he is, you know. Maybe P3 will own me even more than P1 and 2 did, who knows, but I have to say this seems easier than Arthas did when we started on him. We made it to 50% by the way. I get Giant Purple Rotating Balls now ^^

Oh, and for reference, today's highlights have included the following:

  • One Brewfest Ram for K (full set), One Kodo for M the Rogue and another Kodo destroyed :(
  • N the Priest finally got her Purified Lunar Dust.
  • W the Lock finished the Upgrades to her PvP set (belt bought) and is less than 4000 rep away from Exalted with the Zandalar.
  • G the WonderEngiHunter has a new hat AND a new chest.

Not bad for a day's work. I predict it's going to be a week of farming incoming...

Three Extra Weeks?

According to, Cataclysm will ship November 23rd, a week before Thanksgiving.

./amends Countdown clock.

./prepares for Official Blizzard announcement this week.

I'd predict we won't see 4.0.1 this week but we will next week...