Wednesday, May 26, 2010

These Boots are Made for Crafting

Much has been said on this blog in reference to Primordial Saronite. The price has dropped slowly but steadily across both sides of my Server since ICC launched and this week I saw it dip under 800g for the first time. In the back of my mind I've marked 500g as The Significant Price: once we hit that (and at this rate I'd bet it will be just as the Ruby Sanctum appears) it will be time to get down to Some Serious Crafting.

The plan is simple: first off, we make boots for everybody. Footwear is notoriously hard to find, they're something as a result I'd expect all my alts to be wearing well into the opening weeks of Cataclysm and (as a result) stand as a decent investment for the family in terms of preparation. P has bought the recipes for all varieties of leather and mail boots, which means the Shammy, the Rogue and the other Hunter will be looking for craftage as well as M the Druid. K and W know at least one guildie with the cloth shoes recipes, so even if K can't find enough ICC rep to buy them herself we have a way to obtain them. Thank God I have no plate-wearing 80's (yet) to worry about getting the Shammy the BS recipes too...

As each recipe requires 5 Primordial Saronite to make, I'm now aiming to earn 2500g for each toon, using their skills as a basis. Across the family I reckon I have more than enough options to accomplish this: a herbalist, three miners and a skinner should be able to pull together some cash. I'm going to do it one alt at a time, starting with the Druid, spending an hour every time they're logged to gather whatever I can for sale. Needless to say I'll keep you up to date on progress. Considering what I was able to gather this morning in 50 minutes I'm cautiously optimistic that it's not as big a task as it first looks...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Matters Arising :: 24th May Edition

Not going to lie here, it was a deliberately quiet week last week, mostly due to the good weather and a need for me to start trying to get fit again. As I now have a copy of Red Dead Redemption in my hand this week might also be a bit quiet as well... after all, satisfying my Inner Cowgirl is an important task. Having said all that, there is some news.

Who's #1?

Well, W is now officially my best Geared Toon, surpassing P by quite some way. It's all thanks to a particularly vitriolic ICC25 man PuG on Saturday (it was a Plate night and there was a LOT of resentment over who rolled for what) and at Saurfang I snagged one of the two Warlock tokens that dropped. I also have the quite magnificent Corp'rethar Ceremonial Crown in my bags, which I feel I have to wear simply for the looks (and the fact that every other warlock has the pointy hat ^^) but which means I'll need to downgrade my 264 shoulders to do so. I think some time using the WoWHead Item Comparison Tool is in order...

... and er, that's about it for last week. It was really that quiet, and this week is likely to be the same. Last night when I logged on there were only three people online, which is pretty much unheard of on a Sunday. The good weather, RL issues (I know one person at a wedding next week and two planning their own in Guild currently) and general CBA Syndrome is beginning to strike not just us, but the Server in general. With this in mind, here's a picture of me in Strat to fill a bit of space and get me out of waffling any more. Enjoy!

Right, so how do I turn the XBox on without a 9 year old to help me...? ^^