Friday, April 09, 2010

High Tinker Mekkatorque IS Leader

NOT Toby Zeigear, but his bigger brother...
To say I'm excited about the Gnomeregan fightback is, to put it mildly, summat of an understatement. To find that the event is now giving a passing nod to THE best TV Drama show of the last ten years makes my Happy Face just a little broader. I quote you the latest press release from the Big Man, Josiah Bartlet High Tinker Mekkatorque himself:
Every man, woman, and child is called to serve! Even if you're just barely getting your bearings on the art of combat in places like Kharanos or Elwynn Forest, you can do your part by helping fuel the war effort. A few dead boars leads to a few more comfortable siege pilot seats, and surely you can handle such a crucial step in the preparation for facing Thermaplugg's poisoned followers. You can even help master wordsmith Toby Zeigear in writing High Tinker Mekkatorque's battle cry.
In all seriousness however, this little speech does let us know that if you actually want to fight in the Battle, you'll need to be 75 to do so. The timing of this announcement is interesting, and I'd expect us to see the Gnomeregan fight happening sooner rather than later. Of course that also means that the Horde will be taking back the Echo Isles too, but frankly it's small potatoes. EVERYONE wants to to be helping Gnomeregan. Nobody wants to actually go there, but I bet there'll be no shortage of volunteers when the time comes to rightfully reclaim it for the Gnomes.

I for one will be keeping an eye out for West Wing shouts in the weeks to come... I hope this is the first of many!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Whether With You...

(This isn't the video I wanted but I can't embed the one I did. Grrrrr. So enjoy this anyway)

The last few weeks have been like running backwards in terms of progression. We needed a kick up the ass. Last night he turned up, as he always does in times of trouble, with his 7k dps and his better-looking wolf pet and made us all up our game in a way that only he can accomplish. When we one-shotted Saurfang with not a single mark on anyone before he died, we knew it was only a matter of time.

Syndragosa was at 95% when we finally called it a night. Forward is calling. All it needed was a bloke from Glastonbury with a penchant for dirty jokes. Why did we not think of this before?

Oh yes, and looking at that picture, I make a couple more observations before moving on. Strand of the Ancients is great if people know what to do. If they don't, you can get into a Demolisher and be at the Relic in three minutes and 48 seconds :p I'm FOUR achievements away from a Red Drake. Oh, and ToC 25 is great now I don't have to worry about being bottom of dps and therefore charged with shooting down the Orbs at the last boss. I managed 6k consistently, mostly due to my 245 T9 legs finally dropping in VoA. The T9 2 set bonus really does beat the 4 set T10 one. The Tier's still in the bank though. Having seen what is happening to classes thus far, I'm not throwing ANYTHING away from now on...

Catchup in the morning, now I have to go watch 'Castle'. I have high hopes...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Separated at Birth?

I enjoy The MMO Report. Been watching it for a while and I love the fact it's never taken itself that seriously, plus it's also well aware of the scary fanboy/girl nature of a proportion of the people watching it. Speaking as a Scary Fangirl, I should know.

So, today, I sent them an e-mail. What did I want to know? I'm sure someone's mentioned this at some point in the past. Someone MUST have noticed, surely... here's the thing:

One of these men used to be Dr Who, and one of them hosts a successful webshow on MMO's.

Can you tell who's who?

It's All Going Off!

There's been a lot of action on the Cataclysm front in the last 24 hours. MMO Champion are suggesting Beta is not far away, and with the list of potential Class Changes at 85 having been announced as being imminent, I think that's a pretty safe bet. It makes me laugh that Pallies are last on the list. Boy, just how big is that nerfbat going to be?

In the UK, we've just had the General Election called for May 6th. It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks. I'll be keeping my eye on things of course, but I know there's other people out there who can dissect far better. For now I find myself wondering who else I know I could persuade to come join Warcraft so I can grab myself a new 2 person mount... ^^

Sunday, April 04, 2010

C'est le Weekend!


It's the Weekend. It's Easter and the kids are in full-on chocolate-fuelled insanity mode. It's POURING outside :( Thank goodness for Nobelgarden :D

Little girl helps me look for eggs on my Rogue while my son does the same on his DK. Even Daddy joins in. It's amazing, everyone sits quietly for more than an hour as we spot spawns and achieve as we go. I don't expect to get anything notable done today, it's all about having some time with the kids. Finally the sun comes out after lunch and we're able to go do some RL.

We have an ongoing problem with the computer setup here. It started with my husband's Mac after 3.3.3 and it's now affecting a couple of the machines. We're getting random DC's, horrific lag (for no discernable reason) and general frustration. It needs some serious research which I'm planning to try and address next week, but first I have the bathroom ceiling to paint and some other issues to address. As a result evening game access is disrupted to the point where only one of us can really play at a time. I decide to let that be Hubby, and I go and try and do some research as to what's causing us the problem. The introduction of a static IP to the Mac late Sunday afternoon seems to cure the issue there, but my PC is being problemmatic.

Next week's transmissions are likely to be a tad intermittant because of the holidays, but I'm still here. Bear with me, maybe I can sort a lot of the problems out with a bit of peace and quiet... ^^