Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday's Child

Apologies for the quick interruption to scheduled programming. Where were we?


Today is a PvP Day. After the 25k kill Achievement yesterday, and considering that I have two kids at home on the first day of their Easter break, small bursts of top PvP action fit the day perfectly.

I manage to rack up 40,000 honor before I stop. We win a reassuringly large number of BG's: Strand, AB, Isle of Conquest. The best ones are the AV's (1 zerg, one non-zerg) and the WSG. Alliance seem to have learnt a bit since the last time I did this. There is talking. There are well-geared people. There is intelligent use of terrain. I have enough honor from last night to upgrade my bracers and enough today to replace the last low level item in my PvP set. I'm 5 WG Marks away from the L251 shoulders. All in all, it's a top day's entertainment.

I'm inspired. It's been a long time since I've felt I actually want to PvP, the system changes are working their magic. As a result I do a quick sweep across my other Toons: the Lock has a decent array of PvP items garnered from VoA over the last few months, so I'll take an hour to gem and enchant them, plus add a couple of pieces via Elbows: we have a working PvP set for her as well. I'll start sorting myself some games with Fear :D

Tonight we decide to go do ICC, as we missed it in the week. Instead of doing my normal DPS showing I'm on the Shaman tonight, and it's hard work, but in a good way. We cream through the first six bosses but again it's Putricide that thwarts us. I HATE this boss. There are no words :(

Over the weekend it will be time to finally sort out the Priest to level, I think, which means a Dual Spec and and some Shadow stuffs. Coffers will look a bit low after that as well, so it might be time to start doing some farming as well...

Hands Up if you are Paying Attention

Yes, the URL has changed. I decided that the best time to do it was when I a) had the HTML software on the machine and b) I had a brain to accomplish a painfree switch. If you like to use updated addresses, you'll now find us at

The old site is still there, and will serve as my archive. For now I can continue pain-free posting without incurring the wrath of my ISP any more over exceeding bandwidth.

Weekly faffing will resume shortly.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

If it's Thursday, it must be April...


It's beautiful outside. Let's hope for no more rain, at least for a while. I'll go check my Armoury profile for an Achievement screenie I think... hang on...

I appear to have changed into a Tuskarr :O Oh yes, April 1st. Very good Blizzard. See how many changes you can spot ^^

Logging on takes five minutes. I sense addon issues, especially in Dalagran. Perhaps it's this new software Blizzard are introducing: the Equipment Potency EquivalencE Number. Mine is gonna be bigger than yours :p

I learn an important lesson today: even losing my 100% Random BG Record does not mean I lose the chance for Arena points. Just as long as I win 1 BG a dag, I'll always get 25 Arena points, no matter what. That's rather fortunate, considering I play eight games across four BG's and lose them all. Welcome to the Easter Holidays folks :( However this means an increase in people LFG, and I snag a VoA 10 close to cut-off point. The iLevel 251 Legs drop :o So there you go, 95 elbows saved, but I'm still not sure they're an improvement on my Arp legs until I try them in the field. So the old legs and the gloves are banked and I pull out my saved 251 gloves, and I'm suddenly the owner of a four set bonus again. Let's see if I can't find somewhere to test my new set...

I'm in an Onyxia 25 and I'm second on dps behind a Spirit Beast BM Hunter. Guess the rumours were true then \o/. 

Tonight's the first time all week I can get down to some serious action in Guild. We've changed Thursday to the 'Weekly Quest Run' night after the Weekly was reset to Wednesday. We pull 18 people through first run in a 25 and then take two ten mans in afterwards. We then run a 10 man Onyxia, a 10 man Obsidian Sanctum AND 2 10 man VoA's. It's a festival of Elbows, a raft of achievements for the lower end of the newly-minted 80 brigade and the worst loot in the Vault I've seen for quite some time. Still we make a lot of people very happy. In the end that's all that really matters. After that it's off to Wintergrasp for possibly THE best Alliance defense job I've seen in quite some time. The reward was suitably impressive.

Five years for 25,000. Next achievement is 50,000. Gotta hope it doesn't take that long again...

Tomorrow is Good Friday. I sense some top PvP Action incoming...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's the Wednesday Maintenance Day Blues


Wikipedia says:

'According to international standard ISO 8601, Wednesday is the third day of the week. This day is between Tuesday and Thursday.'

It's also 10am and the servers aren't up yet. I've caught up on three episodes of 'The Good Wife' (if you're not watching it, why not?), I've changed the cartridges in the printer and wonder just how much more rain can fall today after the last two. The seagulls are making a noise outside which means it's horrible on the Estuary if they've come to hide here. I wonder whether the late start today means they're finally going to see some repairs to the server achitecture. You know, I'm doubting it. Time for a late breakfast.

The maintenance has been extended 'due to technical issues.' Doesn't sound good...

Oh, we're back. Weekly is Anub'Rekhan. 5 easy elbows across the Family \o/

P does the weekly in 10 minutes. I pop the Random BG while fishing (Jewel again) and it's a Strand of the Ancients. 20 minutes later I've just recorded my first ever draw. It was tooth and nail all the way, but the Horde made it to the Relic Chamber, we only managed the last gate. If we were calling on technicalities I'd give it to them. WG is in 10 minutes so I'll stay in PvP gear and see what the first smackdown of the week will bring.

The WG quests reset now on Wednesday ^^ That makes sense.

We pretty much own the Horde at the first time of asking. I get a 25 man on P, nothing of note drops of course, but it means that of my nine weekly Frosties that I can get without too much help, seven are already bagged. Fishing and spice bag are still full of rubbish, though. There's only so many pictures of Panderans that a girl can have.

My husband's on the second night of a complex fit for work, so this evening will again see me as the lone parent. Considering the trouble I had last night I think it's probably wise to scrub my Raiding for this evening as a result. We raid pretty much no matter what, I've even done it with a bucket by my side during a particuarly masty bout of food poisoning. This is about knowing your limits, so tonight the kids get put to bed without any rush and I get to relax (read: fall asleep) in front of the telly.

Tomorrow we'll start again :D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

(Note, naming posts is going to become increasingly difficult as the week goes on. This could have done with more planning...)


Am on the way to do the Fishing Daily (Blood is Thicker) when my Daily Random 5 man pops. I don't even get time to drink and we're off through UP, where we skip the first boss. When everyone else skips the second boss heading straight for the third and I summon him (no I wasn't watching the tank, healer, so please feel free to blame me) I get a bit annoyed. I don't just blindly follow anyone, we don't skip every boss so that people can snag two Frosties as soon as possible and move on. I'd at least like to be given the choice, if that's ok. I feel bad briefly as I leave mid-fight, but it passes. Clearly these people have more than enough cash to cover the repairs.

The healer goes on my Ignore list, I do the same dungeon on the next random selection and we kill all the bosses. My Hubby has told me to watch the greed/DE rolls on blues, as Dream Shards are selling for 5g on my server and a lot of the blue gear now vends for more. Hooray for addons.

Daily BG Random ticks, it's AV, and when people suggest The Alterac Blitz I'm naturally sceptical, until the pack reach Garv and completely bypass him. We win in 4 minutes and 25 seconds. It's another 25 Arena points in the bag \o/. 3 HK's, 4983 Honor. I pop off to SW to see what bit of gear I can replace. As I have 45k I can upgrade my wrists, P's first piece of iLevel 264 PvP gear \o/ I'm beginning to like this daily Random thing. Played 4, Won 4: I wonder how long I can maintain a 100% unbeaten record...

Fishing is done on P, then W (plus another JC Daily, 1 more and I'll buy the Chaotic Skyflare Diamond recipe I've been meaning to grab for so long) and it's time again to go do the RL Thang. Hubby has a long fit over the next two days (giant video wall) so it's easy on the gaming and full-on with the parenting, which results in a great afternoon of cuddling and reading. I'm concerned at my Son though, apparently Toontown is #1 for him, Warcraft is 'too much effort'. Disney is everywhere :o

The Rogue FINALLY hits 72 late afternoon. I get the next level of Feint as my single spell upgrade. I'm hoping things get interesting at some point. I then spend 30 minutes on the Priest who has the Jewel of the Sewers daily and I put on 30 points on skill without catching the Quest item. Gah! Finally I pull out the 50 bankalt (who I'm quietly levelling as a secondary Herbalist and get to 100 gathering around Loch Moden. I'll be interested to see how many of the herbs I gathered have actually sold tomorrow...)

Next week is Easter Vacation for the kids. There'll be some playing but far more than I might sneak in on a quiet day. If the weather continues to be this bad, I'm going to need a backup plan :/

I come downstairs after putting the youngest to bed and fall asleep on the Sofa. This extra hour is doing me in, so it's an early night again tonight for me...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Seven Days

Great Song, Shame about the Video... :(

I decided today that it might not be a bad idea to let you guys know what constitutes a 'typical' week in my gameplaying time. I play in two distinct 'ways' across the week, my daytime activity and my night-time focus with the Guild. Let's see if I can't give you a feel for both halves of a seven day period of Warcraft faffing.

Can't remember if Wintergrasp 'weeklies' reset on Monday. They don't. Must be Tuesday.

Today it's Mustard Dogs and Dangerously Delicious as dailies, and so I decide to potter with as many of the Family as I can. Fishing Quest Bags are sucky. I get enough Deviate Fish to make a stack to cook Savoury and sell on the AH. Nothing else of value, though I see some new grey items have sneaked their way into the bags. The Dogs are always a winner, coz it's 2 Dalaran Cookery Awards for the hand-in. Today at least three of my bags have an extra award as a bonus. W does her daily Jewelcrafting (kiel mammoths) and as she's over in the Storm Peaks with the Rhinos I get her to do a stack of meat for everyone else. She does WG, we lose comprehensively, I knock off the two soloable Dailies she has, I'm 12k honor short of a PvP Mount. Normally I'd cash in the stack for some gems, but I think W could do with a new set of hooves.

Call me dumb, but I totally failed to register that to make an Icy Prism has changed. One orb plus one each of three gems, down from three of each. Remind me to chuck a stack of Orbs over from the bankalt at some point...

With a fair bit of RL to do I only get the chance to pull out the Rogue later in the day. She does the Dailies and at 71 is honored with the Kirin Tor (thanks to fishing and cooking), which means the prospect of dual wielding Lightblade Rivener at 78 is now a distinct possibility. Next on the Rep list will be the Wyrmrest guys, but that means getting out of the Tundra, which is proving a little difficult. I'm half a bar from 72. If I can get past that I might stand a chance.

After the kids are in bed I sit down and am frankly exhausted. British Summer Time has bought non-stop rain, and it always takes me a while to get my body clock to adjust. This evening is some 5 mans (shaman, hunter #2 and mage all get 2 frosties) before I can't keep my eyes open any longer and take an early night.

The problems with the server persist. I can't log into Dalaran with certain characters on the first time of asking. I need to find someone in IF, hop on them, and then switch. I think it may be time to move the family back to the Old World if this continues...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Send More Hamsters!

This week has not been great for Server Stability.

It started with an unexpected and Total Server Collapse on Tuesday night, which took out the entire Battlegroup. After that point things (post-Maintenance) went slowly downhill: in fairness I'm aware that since 3.3.3 a vast number of people have been shafted (especially those playing on Macs) because something simply Is Not Right. It could be the sheer number of people playing on one of the oldest set of servers in Europe (I mean created, not hardware, coz I'm sure Blizzard aren't still running the same machines they were in Vanilla. If they were those are some superhuman hamsters in the wheels \o/) or it could be any number of other things. Tonight however things got personal.

We were ready to Go Kill Putricide. Everyone was prepared, we steamed through the trash, and literally as we entered his room, half the raid DC-d en mass. I stayed online, Hubby was booted. Another couple had the same issue: he stayed online, she was disconnected. General lit up, it was the same everywhere, people mid fight had seen half their raids simply evapourate. A check on the Blizzard forums revealed a problem that went wider than just our Battlegroup and for several hours the Login Server was, to not put too fine a point on it, buggered.

It's been a bad week. As Blizzard increase accessibility to content to more people, they need to make sure the hardware can support it. Clearly, in the case of our battlegroup last week, there are issues. If it were simply the odd incident of unreliability it would be fine but in all fairness we've had trouble for months, especially at the Peak Raiding times. The 'change the hamsters' joke is getting old. Time to sort out instance capacity once and for all, please, because come Cataclysm if you think it's busy now...