Saturday, March 27, 2010

One by One...

Finally, the Mekgineer's Chopper is mine.

I've been able to afford the purchaseable mats for a while, but I waited until Titansteel came off the cooldown so I could gather everything myself. As you can see above, Hubby was good enough to knock one up for me (my Engineer is 500 rep short of Exalted with the Vanguard so the pattern still eludes me)

I realise that a lot of people don't travel any more. With the Dungeon Finder you don't need to fly nearly as many places as you used to, but I miss travelling from place to place, and now I have my Chopper I will be making a point of riding to places, just because I can. I rode to Westfall for instance to get my Westfall Chicken (yes I know, so last patch me) and my new favourite game is to get the boat to Northrend and then ride in beside it.

Cataclysm cannot come quickly enough if I'm this bored... :D

Friday, March 26, 2010

An End to Emblems?

Occasionally, something strikes me as odd.

This Achievement, for instance. Emblematic. Not announced as a Feat of Strength, which is what it is, it dropped into everyone's list after 3.3.3. I initially assumed it was to clean up the 'I'm at 80, what now?' process which included the mail everyone got telling them there's an Emblem vendor in Dalaran, in case they didn't know. However, why a Feat of Strength? That's reserved for items you can no longer achieve in game, or special one offs. Emblems aren't one-offs... so does this mean...

Are Blizzard planning to change the token reward system for PvE armour?

It's possible, I suppose. People have been asking for some time for a way to transfer emblems between alts on the same account, Blizzard have said that we should concentrate on gearing each one seperately. However, if you want to PvP gear an alt, certain honor tokens are BoE. That seems a bit unfair, that you can transfer honor between toons but not Emblems: what if this move is the first stage of phasing out that system  altogether? If so, what would they replace them with?

Simple. Points make Prizes.

The new flat honor system for PvP is simple to understand: Honor for some items, Honor + Arena points for others. Move your honor around For Great Justice, if you want the extra gear you need an Arena team. Simple. None of that awkward swapping up and down of Emblems when you want to buy an epic gem either. A simple, constant cost, meaning lower 'tier' content is still purchasable. If you introduce a similar system for PvE items it would remove a lot of the problems associated with the system currently. For instance, there's a total lack of decent OH items, and to buy then with Triumph emblems means an exchange system that works ok if you're a) awake and b) your server doesn't lag. If you change too many emblems down by accident, there's no way to change them back up again. If we had points for everything, all lower tier items are easily accessible. No faffing.

Rewards for random dailies become easier too. As well as Dungeon Points (I bet they'll have a catchier name) you'll be given a smaller, second tier of 'points' like the Arena points. This buys you a better set of gear above the base Dungeon Points rewards. It's also used for patterns, for crafting materials. One random daily completed would earn you enough to buy a basic crafting reagent (like a Frozen Orb), I'd guess, looking at the way things currently pan out. It would standardise the entire loot reward system in one swell foop.

Of course it could just be that there'll be no more Emblems any more. They were called Badges in TBC, in Cataclysm they could just have another name. The fact remains however that the current system for gear has some major shortfalls, especially for those coming to L80 now and finding that to gear is considerably more complicated in PvE than it has now been made in PvP. Is it possible that we could simply have one system that would allow you to accumulate a large stack of interchangeable 'points' and be able to swap between the two? Or is that all just too easy?

So, the question now has to be, has Blizzard inadvertantly clued me into one of the biggest potential changes to the game since they introduced the tokens in TBC? Or is it simply the lack of sleep this week because of sick kids that's causing me to hallucinate?

Watch this space :D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Forcing my Hand

I'm 99% certain Blogger's not publishing my posts correctly at the moment, if at all. Yes I KNOW it's coz you're not going to support FTP from May 1st. Being crap beforehand is frankly not winning you any fans, you know.

I intend to migrate the Blog over to it's new setup at Easter. Until then your patience is appreciated.

Blogger, stop being rubbish!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Punching The Undead for Fun and Profit

Today was all about the Achievements.

I've been working on the Lock for a bit now, as part of my 'Focus on One Alt at a Time' Project. She's eight Frosties away from her T10 Hat for starters, so four more days of randoms (or one day plus the weekly if it's easy) and we're there. In the time between, I've been chipping away at her Argent Dawn rep. I decided against doing an Instance, instead doing circuits around the Fungal Vale in EPL for Scourgestones. It occured to me as I did this that it might be nice to do the weapon skill and Unarmed achievements to boot, as they're likely to disappear come Cataclysm. All in all, when it all happened, it was a decent run of Achievings:

(The Heroic DTK in there was, of course, for yesterday's 2 Frosties :D) The next rep grind on the list is Lower City, which means a few trips to the Shadow Labyrinth. That should be interesting.

Not to be left out, P pulled in a 40 Point Achieving spree yesterday:

The 10 man Onyxia did not, as it transpired, involve a single deep breath. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a large add to kill in P2 either, it was that fast. There was little enthusiasm to wipe on Putricide tonight so instead one of the Officers came up with an ingenious way to pick our choice of Instance: write names on Dog Biscuits and get her pooch to eat them: whichever biscuit was left last was where we went, and it was Ulduar that got the nod, hence the twenty points from there.

All in all, not a bad day's work.