Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mexican Standoff

Who's gonna hold their nerve?

My daughter has been kind enough to pass on her sickness to me, which has meant a great deal of time in the bathroom over the last 48 hours. I have been thinking about many things, some of which are more than likely to make their way to this Blog. One subject that I keep coming back to concerns the situation with Frozen Orbs.

In the (albeit very few) Randoms I have done since the news broke last week concering the new useage for Orbs, there has been a definite increase in the number of people rolling Need. People clearly are trying their luck. It's fine and dandy when all five of us roll greed and the game gods decide, but once one person rolls Need I find myself wanting, for want of a better metaphor, to create a Mexican Standoff. I've done it three times now. I suspect, unless Blizzard are sensible and change the rules, there will be plenty of opportunities to do this in the future.

I want to know from the person why they feel the need to roll on the Orbs. I will ask them, straight out, why they've done so. I've not heard the truth from anyone yet, this much I am 99% certain of. These are people who think that Greed on Orbs does not apply to them. It should ALWAYS be Greed, or at least that was the case up until the changes were announced. In EVERY case I've seen the person rolling Need has waited until three people have rolled Greed before sticking their Need roll in. That's just wrong. So, I don't roll. I wait. Other people, who clearly are not bothered about such things (and rightly so) leave the party, and in the end it's just me and the Needer, waiting to see if I pull the trigger. I am a woman of infinite patience. I have no need for orbs, but part of me feels a righteous indigation that the person who wants it should get it when they've cheated the rest of the party. So, I'm going to roll against them. I figure, if the Game Gods decide that the Needer is wrong, then I get it and I will make sure a Guildie benefits instead.

I have won the rolls every time.

Blizzard, PLEASE make the Frozen Orb roll a Greed only one. You have basically acknowledged that the items have no real value in crafting terms. If someone is Needing on the Orbs, it's because they want to sell it right now to make money, and once 3.3.3 is implemented it will be to buy Frost Loti or Eternals to sell. Yes, I'm being overly cynical here, but REALLY, you don't need Orbs. Everyone however deserves to have an fair chance on an item that every class will shortly be able to benefit from equally. Take the Need roll away please, make it a Greed only, because with the changes Blizzard have made that's exactly what it now is.

I don't want any more Mexican Standoffs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

PTR Faffage:: Gawn Fishing


In amongst all the PTR Gubbins (more on the PvP aspect as it becomes available) is a change to the daily fishing quests: instead of having to fly all the way to the Frozen Sea to find a Monsterbelly, our Severed Arm can now be found inside a Slippery Eel, who's natural habitat is outside the Violet Hold. Although I appreciate the reasoning behind the change to this quest, I'm not really overjoyed at having more people, and therefore more lag in Dalaran.

You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief on my high-population server last night when the Lag is in the Air event items despawned. Friday and Saturday had been atrocious: it took me 45 minutes to log in Friday night, punctuated by multiple kicks from the server. It took 10 minutes to zone anywhere. I appreciate that the changes they made to the Festival with the creation of tokens meant that people weren't having to rely on the RNG to complete their achievements. On the downside, it made normal play totally impossible. I also realise my server (being one of the oldest in game and as a result one of the most highly-populated) is at something of a disadvantage, and add to that about a dozen of the most competitive raiding guilds in the Battlegroup all attempting to knock off Arthas and unlock their Hard Modes... it was never going to be pretty. Wandering around the PTR Dalaran was fabulous, and made me realise just how much noise this one place generates.

I think it's a smart move on Blizzard's part not to include a Sanctuary Town in Cataclysm, and instead to encourage people to make their bases in Azeroth's capitals. I'm hoping as a result we will see Portal Rooms in these cities as is the case with Shatt and Dalaran, I'm also hoping that the Dev's can come up with a way of making the Exodar and Darnassus attractive as alternative points to set your HS for the Alliance, instead of joke places to send people when your Mage pops a Portal. The more ways they find to spread the population, the easier it's going to be for those of us who have to factor lag into our equations...