Friday, February 05, 2010

Faffing Time

Firstly, let Wikipedia enlighten you :D


Dialect, 'blow in gusts'.

To waste time on an unproductive activity.

Yesterday, when I wasn't winning iLevel 245 PvP belts in the new VoA 10 man or completing the Weekly Raid Quest, was spent faffing. It wasn't true faffing per se, because ultimately it was useful. I've been meaning to sort out my vanity guild bank for some time, mindful as I am of there being a new expansion this year and as a result the need to store a load of new crafting mats. I like to do things well ahead of time, especially with materials for current items being pretty easy to come by and selling well. This meant the following:
  • Purchasing a new tab on the Vanity Guild Bank, allowing far easier sorting and room for expansion.
  • Upgrading all my alts bags to 20 slots using the vast amount of enchanting dust I seem to have accumulated with the equally huge amounts of Frostweave spread over the Alt Family. 
  • Selling a shedload of items that frankly shouldn't be in my bags in the first place (I mean how much Preserved Holly do I really need?)
  • Consolidating all that kind of stuff in one place. The VGB now has a Seasonal section :D
  • Spending an hour last night looking at the AH and working out what is a decent seller at the moment. Ironically all green items in the 10-55 range are going for ridiculous sums right now, including crafting mats. Living Essence never sold for 40g back in the day, that was the cheapest price I could find last night. Funny old world, Azeroth.
As I am having a weekend away from the game I decided I'd stick a bunch of items up for auction today and see how they fare, considering how many Vanilla mats I have stored away. We'll have to see if this burst of faffing is profitable come Sunday evening...

EDIT: I read that Saurfang is fixed. Hurrah!

Exploting a Loophole...

Yes, you know the one.

So, let me see if I have the timeframe right. They kill Arthas, then they get banned for exploiting.

How did Blizzard know?

Is it de rigeur for Blizz to go over every World First Combat Log? Do GM's sit and watch the kills from up high, popcorn in hand? If there were an exploit, would Blizzard even be aware that it existed until someone pointed it out to them?

Would it not make more sense that someone inside the Guild concerned might have had a pang of conscience and blown the whistle on a kill that people were aware at the time didn't feel right, but that they decided to go with anyway?

Does this sound like a more likely scenario?

Whatever happened, it's great theatre. Remember kids, it's only a game. You may lose as well as win...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Kid on the Block

I have cracked 7000 Achievement points. I can has a shedload of new PvP Gears (thank you, saved honor and spare Triumph elbows!) Yesterday, ICC borkedness notwithstanding, was a pretty good day.

New PvP Boss: Drops 2 Frosties, iLevel 264 legs and hands, is worryingly easy if you remember that aoe can kill. He's also a fairly serious Gear Check on 25 Man. Our mage in ICC last night, who was topping the meters with 7k on trash, was refused entry to a PuG on the grounds that his gear 'didn't cut it' It is truly a strange Virtual world in which we inhabit. Oh yeah and the two Occulus achievements have been added to with Chaos Theory since I did the screenie. Heroics are now easier than Normals, it's official :p

Oh, and despite the broken nature of the 10 man, I have another upgrade. This is getting silly ^^

Behold the Bone Warden's Splitter. WTB a second for double 'worn on my back' coolness...

Deathbringer Saurfang is Unwell

Most raiding guilds, this week at least I would bet, are working on extended ID's to remove the need for burning off all the trash pre-entry to the fun bit of ICC. We however decided to start from scratch tonight (and we got Boned for our efforts) and were happily motoring along until we came to Saurfang.

He appears to be broken :(

Fortunately we're not the only people to notice this.

Project Lore sum it up so much better than I ever could:
Tonight, however, the boss’ blood power was leaping 15-30% at a time. We had our first Mark before he was at 80% health and it only got worse from there. Thanks to our pow-pow-power heals, we actually managed to get him down to around 6-7 million hit points before it just became too much for us to handle.
We gave up in the end, had our best try at Hard Mode Trial of the Crusader, converted it to Normal for the Weekly and then went home.

WTB Hotfix asap please, kkthxbaibai.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Blogger, I'm not sure I like you any more :(
Last May, we discussed a number of challenges facing[1] Blogger users who relied on FTP to publish their blogs. FTP remains a significant drain on our ability to improve Blogger: only .5% of active blogs are published via FTP — yet the percentage of our engineering resources devoted to supporting FTP vastly exceeds that. On top of this, critical infrastructure that our FTP support relies on at Google will soon become unavailable, which would require that we completely rewrite the code that handles our FTP processing.

Three years ago we launched Custom Domains[2] to give users the simplicity of Blogger, the scalability of Google hosting, and the flexibility of hosting your blog at your own URL. Last year's post discussed the advantages of custom domains over FTP[3] and addressed a number of reasons users have continued to use FTP publishing. (If you're interested in reading more about Custom Domains, our Help Center has a good overview[4] of how to use them on your blog.) In evaluating the investment needed to continue supporting FTP, we have decided that we could not justify diverting further engineering resources away from building new features for all users.

For that reason, we are announcing today that we will no longer support FTP publishing in Blogger after March 26, 2010. We realize that this will not necessarily be welcome news for some users, and we are committed to making the transition as seamless as possible.
Well that's me royally screwed then :( My domain is hosted by my ISP and frankly I'm not about to change that just coz you guys want me to host with you.

I suspect we're going to need a new plan...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

And He's DOWN!

Yes, that's the Crown of the Lich King. In shock news, yes he dies ^^ No more spoilers here, but needless to say, I wasn't wrong \o/

So, tomorrow is a new wing, Season 8, a 10% reduction in all PvP healing and no doubt a guaranteed 'Additional Instances cannot be launched' festival on my Server. What is more important to note is as of tomorrow, the next new content we will see is going to be Cataclysm.

Bring it on!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Looking Good!

It's the start of a new week. Time to take a look at how everyone in the Family is doing in Azeroth:

#1: Almost 7000 Achievement Points :D
#2: 'of the Nightfall ' Title. So what if it's two patches ago in terms of cutting edge!
#3: Rotface 0 :: Our Guild 1

It wasn't a clean kill, neither was it particuarly pretty. But it was a kill, after over two hours of people trying their best to remember the sheer number of things required to make it happen. In many respects this reminds me of the Shade of Aran in Karazhan: watch your feet, watch the boss, be ready to move, be ready to run, kite your slime, watch the pools... so much going on. My heart goes out to our Gnome DK Tank last night, who's kiting was nothing short of miraculous considering the utter chaos (and often stupidity) unfolding around him. Needless to say, Execution of Tactic Needs Werk ^^

Hopefully when we start again on Wednesday, we can do 6/12 bosses in a night. Halfway through, and Arthas appears in Europe that day. I'd better make sure I book us an Instance space early then...