Saturday, January 23, 2010

Expect the Unexpected!

Today, I decided to try and win the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby. I failed :(


I would argue I won something far more valuable instead :D

Hooray for the unexpected Achievements, and the pleasant surprises that happen when you least expect them :D

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where's Me Shirt?

I was SO hoping this would happen, because if it did I got to use this mashup, which frankly is class. Snap vs Ken Dodd. Come on, half of you don't even know who Ken Dodd is, do you? *sigh*

So, last night in ICC10...

The only green quality shirt (that's not available via a trading card) dropped from Precious on our way to Festergut (4% at enrage, he'll be really dead on Sunday) I rolled a 94. I NEVER roll numbers like that. My Sleeveless T-Shirt has been donated to the Second Hunter. I get a brand new debuff \o/ The shirt looks pretty good on a dwarf as well:

Frankly, my luck with loot in ICC is coming close to the Stunning setting on the Lootmaster 9000: last night's additions included enough Elbows for a new piece of tier too \o/

I'll be off now to do my reading on Rotface, because we WILL BE KILLING HIM TOO on Sunday.... then it's on to Putricide! Hooray for progress, but more hoorays for Pink Shirts. As our guild tabard is pink... well... it really couldn't get much better than this :D

Best. Shirt. EVAH!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Famous for Five Minutes.

It's a lovely feeling to log on of a morning to find 14 comments from people you don't know to moderate :D This of course also means I got featured again on :D :D

I'm interested to see the amount of agreement there was on the Saronite issue as well. I'll be Honored with them on my next run, so I will be making a final decision then. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond, they were all thoughtful and relevant replies, and I'm grateful :D

All comments are good, especially when you are starting journey as a Warcraft Blogger :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

In the Mix

'This week, I'ave mostly been levelling Alchemy...'

I mentioned it before, but on Friday I finally bit the bullet and unlearned Mining on the Druid. This was after nearly three hours of herbing where I filled an entire 24 slot bag with herbs, and gathered ONE FROST LOTUS :( It's been hard times finding the Loti for several weeks now, and as a result I realised that if I'm only going to have a few piles of mats to use for flasks, I need a Flask Specialist. Yes, I could have unlearnt my Transmute Specialisation on W, but in the last three days I've seen SEVEN gems: a four proc Saturday, and a two proc on Sunday. With those kind of numbers I think a second Alchemist is not a bad idea.

Having managed to get to 100/150 with not too much effort it occured to me I was going to need some fish: Oily Blackmouth, Firefin Snapper and Stonescale Eels all being fairly vital for low levelling. With this in mind I got W out this morning, and headed for Ferelas. I fished solidly for 45 minutes and stayed well ahead of the spawns, so decided to fly to Gadgetzan (so I could pick up the recipe for the Philosopher's Stone) and do a quick sweep of the coast of Tanaris:

It's all excitement in the fast-paced World Of Fishing...

The biggest surprise for me was the fifteen points I put on my fishing skill (397-412) in an hour and a half. As fishing nodes now guarantee a catch if you land your bobber inside them, it was a particuarly satisfying exercise. I am sorely tempted to get W to 450 (which would be my second toon maxxed in Fishing) simply because I really enjoy it. I've always been a bit odd in this regard (I was fishing in Vanilla and for a VERY long time I was the only person in Guild with a maxxed score) but there's something about the water and the chance to haul in something surprising that never gets old. It makes me think I really need to try and do the Fishing Derby in Northrend or the Extravaganza in STV at some point, just because.

It was a good session: 60 Blackmouth, 40 plus Firefins and at least the same number of Eels. I also fished up 12 Mithril-Bound Chests which I will crack open on my bankalt shortly which should have a decent amount of cloth, leather and greens to DE (though having said that greens are selling for good money, all these people levelling) They're all sitting in my mailbox just waiting for me to convert them to Alchemy skill points... so if you will excuse me, I am off to Do More Alchemy...