Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Curious Case of Burgy Blackheart

Today, I decided to find a good spot to grind the gazillion pieces of leather I'd need to max out my Leatherworking. I found the spot pretty quickly as it happens, and I'll be sharing the secret with you very soon. What I didn't bargain on was something very special indeed. It reminded me of how much I enjoy this game and how, even when you think you can't be surprised, you end up being just that.

I use an addon called Silver Dragon to track rare spawns across the world. It's not 100% accurate but it's pretty useful (especially as I've been Archaeologising across Outland and looking for mobs to complete Bloody Rare) and as I ground today it sprang into life, telling me Burgy Blackheart was nearby. I couldn't not go and kill him, now could I? I was expecting a blue item for a quick AH sale or possibly for dissemination to the Alt Family but instead...

A hat? Aaaaah but not just ANY hat. It may look like a Harry Potter pointy hat when inspected but it has a Pirate Hat icon in my inventory and that can mean only one thing... I'm going to come over all swashbuckly. Equipping it gives possibly THE best makeover save being changed into Jack Sparrow:

Now THAT'S a Proper Pirate Costume!

Eyepatch? Check! Beard? CHECK! Ability not to lose the costume whilst flying or in fact doing anything? CHECK!!! I don't mind that there's no achievement to kill all the Rares this time in Cataclysm, if the plan is to make awesome one-off items like this and leave them on mobs then I am SO off to go and track as many rares as I can down to see what they're going to drop. Considering this was a complete surprise I find myself thinking this is one of the most awesome drops I've had for quite some time. 24/7 PermaGhostGnome Costume ftw!!!

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Nathan said...


Nice one! Gratz on the hat/costume/makeover/thingy, looks awesome!