Sunday, October 31, 2010

Those You leave Behind

36 days to go until Cataclysm, and it's becoming a bit of a wasteland in Guild. There was a point yesterday when I logged to check auctions (yes, that's another ZG hatchling sold, ker-ching) and I was the only person online. Just me. ON A SATURDAY.


It's been this way for two expansions now, as people take time to not be playing so that they can make time to play when it matters. For those of us left behind of course it's quite a lonely time: the LFG Finder should really come into it's own on occasions like these but all it's doing currently is showing just how dire the quality of player is that's also out there. Tanks who's only interest is hitting stuff and who expect you to heal them regardless of what sh*t they stand in and won't help you in any way, shape or form, and dps who's only priority is to get to the last boss so they can collect their JP bonus and farm the next five man. My priest left three groups yesterday, twice after abuse when I was blamed for failures that were the responsibility of those blaming me: after all, if you end up with no health it's clearly the healer's fault.


I can only hope we see more good-quality players emerging from their self-imposed exiles or distracted from Bucket Lists or lengthy farming projects by more pre-Cataclysm events, as I note the PTR is now up with more juicy goodies. In lieu of that I think, after a week of remodelling my Daughter's bedroom during her Half term, I'm going to join those deserting the game and have a week of clearing up and throwing out at home.

It's really no fun playing on your own :(

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