Friday, October 15, 2010

4.0.1 is WIN.

So, having now had forty-eight hours of hands-on with the 'new' Old World, I can categorically confirm it is MADE OF WIN. I thought about constructing top ten list but frankly the number one reason kinda beats the rest of them into a cocked hat.

No, I'm not talking about Trap Launcher ^^ [*]

This morning I put the finishing touches to what has become a completely new interface. Too much was broken in my old one and as Spartan's not been updated for what is close to a year now, it felt like the right thing to do. I've used Sexymap, Pitbull and (gasp) Blizzard's own Raid Interface which continues to look like an extremely useful piece of kit, if simply for the 'you don't need to carry flares any more, as RL you get an infinite supply for marking.' At some point I should do an article on the Raid UI because I'm that enamoured with it, and as Grid is still beyond borked I needed something. My shiny new look is not my reason by the way, that comes once I've sorted it out on my Priest and I accept an invitation to VoA 25.

The raid was full of names I know including the RL, a Paladin from one of the 'big' raiding guilds. I could tell immediately who'd not read the Patch notes and who didn't really get the changes we'd had (some buffs overwrite others now, pay attention) but nowhere was this more obvious than when we pulled. And died. Then we died again. I was second on the meters but I had no chance of keeping either tank up because neither of them had a hope as Toravon ripped through the top five dps who decided that they'd just nuke like normal without realising the game has changed. After the second wipe the mouthy RL decided to tank himself (having previously asserted 'I dunno what you guys are having a problem, tanking's not changed that much') before he too wiped horribly. The only thing that saved us this time was the tank who was clearly organised, had a new rotation and held aggro while we healed him, and the fact that with the increase in dps and a decent front end the boss died in half the time.

Stuff dies very fast in 4.0.1. That is, of course, if your tank can stop it killing you first.

The absolutely best thing about 4.0.1 is that people will NEED TO LEARN TO PLAY. AGAIN. By the time they've grasped the new mechanics it'll be Cata and then they'll be forced to stop nuking and think, or stop simply tanking everything blindly and consider CC. It doesn't matter how good your dps now, rip threat from the tank and it's night-nights, and if you're in cloth or mail it's going to a great deal more expensive to repair.

No-one cares a stuff about your Gear Score any more. Do you understand your class? You don't?

Square One is ---------->

[*] Still awesome though.

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