Friday, July 09, 2010

Bloody Hell :O

After all that, they decided against it.

I wonder, just how many people did unsub in the last 48 hours? ^^

Colour me amazed.


Nathan said...

I think the meeting went summat like this:

Boss: "So let's discuss this RealID thingy. How many subs have we lost since we announced it?"

Employee: "Half a million boss."

Boss: "Ok, it's cancelled. Next up Cataclysm..."

Jonathan said...

I'm not at all surprised at the volte face. The whole thing has all the hallmarks of something that sounded good at the ideas stage, but wasn't subjected to sufficient challenge or risk assessment in the development stage.

I can see why they they came up with this, but the reality is one's 'presence' on the WoW forums should be treated with the same respect as that in game; i.e. an in-game toon is not forced to run around with that person's real name above its head, and nor does it appear to friends other than those they share a Real ID with.