Saturday, May 22, 2010

Slow Going

... and this small group of reclusive night elves are currently being farmed to within an inch of their ears. It's a Gnome eat Dwarf world in Winterspring, but despite the cutthroat competition I have been doing my bit to earn Mount #96. As you can see from my rep counter above (via the wonders of Bartender) we're past the halfway point to revered. Revered to Exalted's gonna be a push... :/

It's been pretty quiet otherwise. No ICC25 PuG for me last night, as I was on kid supervision duties, so tonight I was at a bit of a loss, especially with six people doing the Trainer Rep Grind. Hanging around in Ironforge I heard the Horde arrive in SW via Trade and take out the King. By the time they made it to Magni however, we were waiting for them...

I've wanted City Defender for quite some time, and with a raid at one point of over 30 people defending the Throne Room, it really was just a matter of time...

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