Wednesday, March 03, 2010


So unless you were a) not on the Planet or b) unconscious you cannot fail to have seen the news concerning the Great Stats Revamp of 2010. This is the moment where I'm rather glad that theorycrafting makes my eyes bleed, as there are many, MANY other people vastly more qualified than I am out there doing the work on what it will mean for races and specs. Of course most of this is moot until we actually get to see what this means in action, but it does give a great deal of food for thought. What I hope more than anything is that it will eliminate a lot of the confusion that comes with who rolls on what: healing items always cause confusion. Of course we all know All Loot is Hunter Loot... but still...

I am sad however. Blizzard have announced that weapon skills will be no more, and are likely to be converted to Feats of Strength. I for one will miss the total annoyance of getting a new weapon and discovering I have a skill in single figures, forcing me to run off and hit random stuff for a while until I don't embarass myself in an instance. Whether it is the melee-immune mobs in Scholomance, the Mana Fishies in the Library in Karazhan or simply any mob not likely to own you in one hit, we all have our own way of levelling weaponry. My personal favourite used to be in the Blasted Lands, but Blizzard eventually got wise to the Servants of Dave Grol and their mates and removed their 1% immune to death but still hittable (and therefore weapons skillable) ability a few patches ago. I recall one morning back before even Outland was the place to be, where myself, my husband and a bunch of Guildies all decided we'd go do some weapons levelling. At one point I believe there were half a dozen of us all together, biffing this one mob. One Guildie even went out and made a trip to buy a new keyboard whilst leaving her druid macing this poor guy. I can remember when the call would go out in General in a particular zone: 'Bugged mob at X, weapons skillable!' and within 10 minutes you'd have a small crowd of people all doing their best to take the mob out whilst simultaneously skilling anything from swords to unarmed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for these new changes. Anything that makes the game easier to understand is fine with me. Let it not be said however that I don't understand how much fun skilling can be, and it will be a shame to see it go. There's nothing wrong with a little inconvenience, after all...

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