Saturday, March 13, 2010

On a Roll

Hmm would it be Parma Ham and Artichoke on Granary or possibly Pastrama on Rye? Who am I kidding, it's 7am on a Saturday and I'm up with the kids, so it's Honey Nut Shredded Wheat and the largest bucket of Tea I can produce. The fact remains however, I'm on a roll. The alt family's been well taken care of the last few weeks, and even if I've not been able to post as reguarly as I'd like there's been a fair amount of top-quality progression. Even the Alt in Progress, my Secret Rogue, finally dinged 70 last week. It's all good here.

The plan for hereon in is fairly simple: I'm going to pick an alt away from the Main and focus on them for a week of play at a time. P is still managing her two trips a week into ICC (Blood Princes tomorrow, I am reasonably excited at the prospect at wiping at a new boss) and I think it's time (even after the 25 Man from Hell) to give the Lock some love. Looking at my gear and the other Locks I've been playing with my dps is lower than it could be, so I feel the need to go off and do a bit of research. Perhaps a respec is in order...

After that, it's going to be the same process repeated for all the rest of the 80's. The Secondary Hunter needs the most love (and if I'm honest, Dual Specs so I can give him Marks as a fallback and some much needed DPS boostage as well) followed by the Mage (who is doing far better with her Arcane secondary spec in Five mans than she ever did with Frost) The Druid still benefits from having been my main through Ulduar (and the fact that she can do a lot of dps)... after that there's the Priest at 73 and the Rogue Project if I feel the need to kick back and quest...

If truth be told of course, everyone except P has a boatload of quests still to complete. The benefits of doing this across the family is not lost on me either. It's decent gold, for the disenchanters it's also a nice stream of mats for conversion to enchants on scrolls (and therefore extra cash) I feel I should have a blitz on the Alt of the Week and clear some of those Northrend zones which, if I'm honest, I am unlikely ever to visit again come Cataclysm. There's achievement points, the completism angle, and the fact that money talks far more than any amount of gear once we hit the new expansion...

Let's be honest, I'm flooded with possibilities. I'm on the Mother of All Rolls. What I could really do with is the focus to actually get down to some serious plannage... but not before breakfast.

Where did I put that bucket?

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