Monday, March 01, 2010

Back in the Saddle

The New 'Retro Cowboy' Class met with a mixed reaction... from

I have been unwell, as was mentioned briefly last week. It really was the most unpleasant of illnesses too. However I have recovered sufficiently to return to active duty this week. There was of course sporadic action during the illness but as a whole I sense that people are stepping back a little from the game. As Spring approaches (it's a beautiful day here) the distractions of Real Life take the right and proper preference. After all, it was a particuarly hard Winter this time around, and it is a LONG way to go until the World of Warcraft goes Armaggedon.

As Spring Cleaning begins here, I would expect the same will happen with the Family. I've already been to Be Imba this morning: the Shaman needs a Hodir enchant and a gem for her newly-purchased L245 shoulders, the secondary Hunter's Meta socket isn't working (break out the prismatic gems!) so there's a little tidying to do there, then it is high time I went through everyone's bags and had a good clear out of unwanted gubbins. After that I think we may sit down and decide who's going to do Loremaster before the Achievement becomes a Feat of Strength, who's going to do World Explorer, and what level of gear I intend to get everyone to before they are effectively placed in storage in anticipation of the Expansion.

First things first though, time for some breakfast...

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