Tuesday, March 16, 2010

30 Toons, No Waiting!

One of the most frustrating parts of being a GM is the organisation. The phrase 'herding cats' has often been used in this household to describe the pastime of attempting to get X people off their collective behinds and prepare themselves to raid. On consideration I'm grateful for the introduction of the ingame Calender by Blizzard: getting people to sign online makes it considerably easier to start the process of co-ordination. It meant that this evening I was able to run one 10 man through the Obsidan Sanctum for the Weekly Raid Quest, co-ordinate a second en route and prepare people to be ready as soon as we'd done (and I was able to swap to an alt) and have enough people ready to do a third in the same way. Thirty toons gained Five Frosties and 30 gold. That's not bad going.

I'm glad that Blizzard picked the Raid Bosses the way they did. It's clear that they're meant to be a relatively simple dispatch, but require you to find some competent help in order to do so. Frankly it's perfect for our Guild: many people own multiple alts, so it's a simple task to mix and match and come up with a ten that's capable of carrying a couple of lower-geared people. Everybody wins. Plus it's a welcome change from running a five man for the chance at decent lewts. OS gives four Triumph, the chance at a bag upgrade and loot that although may be useless to most, is likely to be helpful to one of those lower-geared acolytes.

I hope that come Cataclysm Blizzard use this system again. It's a great way to get elbows and have some fun :D

[EDIT: I'm not sure if it's a Bug, and I'm sure at some point someone will come up with an explanation, but as of Wednesday this quest had reset again... which means thirty people have another go at the instance and another 5 Elbows. Result!]

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dobablo said...

The weekly quests (Dalaran raid, PvP, ICC raid) reset early Tuesday morning in line with US maintenance. The Instances reset early Wednesday morning, inline with EU maintenance.

This leads to minor problems with the random raid boss quest where you might be unable to do a new quest on the Tuesday because you have a raid ID from the previous week, but you can still do the quest if you wait one day.

It is a HUGE pain if you complete the ICC weekly quest on a Tuesday (last day of instance reset). It then locks you out of the quest for the first 6 days of the following reset.

My guild raids Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and they'd saved the weekly quest for the Tuesday bunch to clear. The following Friday got the weekly to kill the abomination next the the gunships but we had to skip him because half the raid had done the previous weekly on Tuesday and couldn't see the mob.