Wednesday, January 13, 2010


On my server, the lag really does bite.
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Last night, shortly after P finally managed to get the Halls of Reflection ticked off the 'To Do' list, our Battlegroup fell over with some style. Stories drifted through the ether of priests tanking Rotface in ICC and taking no damage. Whatever happened, it was huge, unimpressive and ultimately frustrating. We'd done ICC in a Guild 4 man with one PuG Mage, who after waiting 10 minutes for the LFG Randomiser to send us somewhere was told it would probably be best if he tried to get back to his own Server first. When the dust finally settled we ended up in The Oculus, which pre-nerfs we'd have simply left in disgust. Last night we resolved to four man it. In the end we were 90 seconds outside the Make it Count achievement, and P got Experienced Drake Rider for her troubles.

Anyone who still thinks The Oculus is worth skipping... as long as you get the drake abilities, it's simple. If you have trouble with the three dimensional aspect of the flight, stick someone on follow and pretend. Even with chronic lag, we did it in under thirty minutes. That really can't be bad.

The fact remains however, our Battlegroup capacity remains wanting. As Lord Marrowgar is our Weekly Raid Quest, last night a far higher than normal amount of people were in ICC, and the servers simply couldn't cope. The ominous 'additional instances cannot be launched' message made a reappearance last night as well, and I have to hope someone in France was paying attention and has ticked the 'Needs Moar Hamster' button next to our server cluster. I know it's cold, maybe the rodents could use a good cuddle. Needless to say, this is not the first time it's been this awful. A member of our party last night remarked that maybe we'd inadvertantly become part of a Social Experiment, just to see how much we'd put up with before logging off in disgust. I tried logging off. It took nearly five minutes.

Please Blizzard, sort it out :(

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Gen said...

Looks like I timed my log off to watch 'Survivors' quite well!

Grats on HoR and Experienced Drake Rider...

Blizz- Gief moar hamsterz!!!