Friday, September 18, 2009

Le Grande Plan

Contemplating another hard day Shamaning...

Yesterday was, all told, a Good Day. Five gear upgrades from the Shaman came from the Trial of the Crusader dungeon (4 from normal, the rather awesome Mariel's Sorrow from Heroic) and I decided I needed a Plan. With four L80's now in the Family (and at least two more alts at 70+ who could be levelled) it occurs to me I need some kind of scheme to maximise the amount of money each one can contribute, plus get them ready for the Expansion and the professions gains they can make. Even if I only level one to start with come Cataclysm, having all my crafters at 80 will allow me to do the Professions levelling even if I don't have a chance to do the exploration.

So, the Plan is as follows:
  1. Complete all the Northrend Quest Content on those alts who have not done so. The Shammy's only seen the Fjord, the Warlock's almost done in Dragonblight but has gone no further, and the Druid has about 30 quests short in Northrend for the Achievement. It will be her I take out to do Loremaster in Azeroth for my picture project, I think as a result.

  2. Pick the next Alt for Levelling. After careful consideration it's the Mage who gets the nod, who has Tailoring maxxed (and who is my secondary Enchanter, with most of my Old School Chants) I've already grabbed Cold Weather Flying for her and she's done a couple of AV's already. Next step is to see if I can grab her some heirlooms, though the badge situation's a bit sparse. Maybe I can scrape together enough WG marks for summat... After her, I have potentially another Hunter (with maxxed Engineering) and the Priest (maxxed Enchanting and Inscription, likely to go Shadow) and that's the lot. For now, at least... ^^

  3. Sort out a routine for Daily Questing. I have the JC one to do every day, I am going to try and make sure I do the Daily Fishing and Cookery on everybody, and rotate the Tournament Dailies amongst those who need. I also want to do the Holdir Dailies on the Shaman.

  4. Invent a device that inserts 4 extra hours into every day but does not destroy the delicate harmonic balance of the Universe.
At least three of those should be easily doable...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

...and there it was!

I had planned a spectacular action shot in AV to celebrate the Shammy hitting L80 but the best laid plans... ah well.

Take this shoddy list of statistical increases as a poor alternative ^^

Gear Wise, things are not looking too shabby either. Thanks to a friends generousity (I've not forgotten your armour either :D) I have Zom's Crackling Bulwark and the Titansteel Guardian to act as my healing weapons of choice. I got the PvP Gloves and Shoulders and am nearly 20,000 honor into the next step (probably the legs, possibly a ring or a trinket depending on where I stand) Everything else is blue, with the sad exception of my Relic, which will be my first purchase with Elbows. It almost looks like I did some planning, doesn't it? :p

In Hunter News, last night was scheduled as a Naxx 10 Achievements Run, and all in all it was exactly as advertised.

That's the one I'm particuarly proud of at the top there, but there were loads of others: Patchwerk in WELL under 3 minutes, 10 people alive at Heigan, 18 Abominations at KT. The only two we missed were Shocking and The Undying, and I would confidently perdict both of those to be on notice for the next time we go. And before you say it, yes I KNOW this is old news and all you imba people have already done this like, two patches ago, but it's new to me.

So :p to you!

Oh yeah, and Occulus done, Quests complete, nuff said.

Next step is a bit of long term planning. More to follow.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Compare and Contrast

Draenai on Stormpike Battle Charger = Cool
Big Blue Laydee on Stormpike Battle Charger = Stupid.

I've officially entered the home stretch. My Shammy's run the last few levels to 79 thanks to the wonders of AV (PLEASE stop whining Alliance 80's, if you really don't want L71's in BG's go turn your XP gain off, otherwise just let them enjoy the brief moment of glory when they win) and is not capped at 75,000 Honor in anticipation of hitting the big Eight-oh. As you can see I'm already well into the Holdir questline, and as the nice letter in my Inbox informed me 77 is time to start work at the Tournament. I have a TON of stuff to do, and 80 may only be a day away.

It's not just simply fun times in levelling land either, oh no:

So, the Big Giant Head is no more :D It's only one more boss and Yoggy is there, ready for us to bitchslap him into the next patch. Soon I will be able to say I've seen most, if not all of the available game content. In over four years I've never been this current. It's scary.

Hang on, if I'm writing this I've stopped levelling!!! NOOOO!!! Back to the Grind!

Monday, September 14, 2009


It's in the Game Files, it's Bind to Account, and I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!