Friday, August 07, 2009

A Quick Test

Frenzystrike Longbow

So, I can now get sexy popup windows via MMO! huzzah!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

So, the new content. Patch 3.2. Loads of NEW things to do, loads of NEW stuff to earn and win and upgrade. Except, actually, how much of it is really new?

Let's face it. The new dungeon isn't. The new 5 man starts with JOUSTING (*headdesk*) and a boss which recycles old bosses... not with their original abilities, but WITH THE SAME 3 EVERY TIME. Saving a fortune on new boss models as well Blizz. Let's hope nobody else notices.

Yeah, and the Black Knight joke isn't funny. Really.


The only reason most people will run it is the loot at the end. This is NOT good. They won't look at how you're introducing rolling trash as opposed to static groups, they won't appreciate the fact that dungeons are now forcing movement and promoting the use of interrupts and kiting... just like Arenas. They'll miss the fact that you're actively involving people by use of their character names coz the monologues and reaction text is stuffy and takes too long. All the good ideas are going to get lost in the fact YOU HAVE TO JOUST the first boss pack. Even though I can do it now, it's not a good dungeon mechanic, because it depends too much the shields. People like seige vehicles coz they don't have to worry about dying in 10 seconds.

I suspect the only reason anyone will do the new dungeon is for the loot, and that's not good. I'd kinda like the BRK Tribute Gun, I will confess, but we all know how I feel about loot and dungeons. It's a shame, and just like the Isle of Dalies, this place will be a ghost town as soon as Blizz come up with something better.

So, we officially rename 3.2 as The Patch of BG's, PvE for Elbows Only, and we'll be off this weekend to enjoy the Isle of Conquest during it's holiday period, in an attempt to see how many achievements we can rack up in 3 days.

Meanwhile, we bring you updates.

With normal speed mounts now at a bargain 80 silver and epic ground at a modest 8 gold, it would have been rude not to get the achievement last night on P. With the Children's Week Q's done and the Ravasaur bought from the Gnome in Dalaran I'm 3 pets short of the magic 75 as well so I'd expect that to be done soon. The Argent Pony Bridle is officially the BEST THING EVER, and is getting far more use than is healthy.

Right, let's go and do some pottering. Expect a large IoC post over the weekend!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Oy! Nublets! NO!!!!

So, the question we ask today is simple: do you really want your server to be the first up after a major patch?

I'd say the answer is a resounding NO. I left this screen with low and normal populations and went off to make a drink. By the time I'd returned, a thousand L1 alts and ten thousand death knights had been born.

I genuinely pity anyone on the above servers trying to enjoy anything new today, but if it hadn't been your server up first I'm betting you'd be doing the EXACT same thing...

Whose Turn is it Now?

'Screw the DKP, first person to volley the loot wins!'

Loot drama. It's a much a part of life as bad PuG's and Pygmy Oil in your daily fishing rewards. HOWEVER hard anyone tries it's inevitable, there is going to come a moment where Person A is going to get pissed off with Person B about them winning Loot Item C (and quite possibly D, E and F as well). Whether you're the person who is directly involved in the drama or you're caught via association in a group or a raid, it can turn a great evening into a nightmare. It can destroy friendships. It can break up Guilds. Of course, in extreme cases, it can get you killed.

I get very depressed in PuG's when people won't share. If you win one item, especially in a situation where you never expected to bring back anything in the first place, do you REALLY need to milk the moment for all it's worth? Isn't having something enough? I think for some people who play multiple alts there is a desire to have them all dressed to a certain level, and to take advantage of any possible opportunity as a result to do so. But if you can't play those alts to a reasonable standard there's no point in the gear anyway, so it becomes a bit like the Westfall Chicken and the Raptor Egg. There's no point in looting either of those items if you don't get their use in context. There's no point in having the best gear if you won't play your alt to a standard where the gear is getting the best use. Plus, is it possible for someone to be able to excell at more than one class if you're playing them all?

The bigger issue in all of this is that gear really does matter, despite what many people say to the contrary. If it didn't there's be no point to gearing up in the first place, you could do everything in starting area greys. It's the game's primary limitation on success and progress. It makes you move forward and improves your chances at survival. However, it won't make you play any better if you don't know how to play in the first place. However good your gear is, if you can't do the role you're being asked to fulfill, is it really worth winning?

I'm coming to the conclusion, having switched my main from Hunter to Druid, that I'm never going to be as good a Night Elf as I am a Dwarf. I've been a Hunter since the days of Diablo II (when of course they called me an Amazon and I was taller ^^) and it was a no-brainer for me: Character screen; Hunter, Female, Dwarf. The diversification into alts had been initially to accomodate my love of professions, of which I have all now covered. I rolled the Druid as a direct result of there being a need for healing in our Guild, which was subsequently filled and as a result she went back to doing dps and then became Boomy. I grew to love playing her and when again there was a hole in the healing needs of the Guild I was happy to fill it. But the fact remains I'm more comfortable being a Hunter, even if I don't do the dps I know is required for raiding. So, I find myself trying to balance what I want between two alts, with a couple on the side to tinker and potter with. Fact remains however, I'm never going to be brilliant at any of them except the Hunter, unless I stop playing the Hunter altogether and focus entirely on another class. With four years worth of work on P, that's never going to happen. I love her too much.

Personal dilemmas aside, I KNOW that Loot Drama can be avoided. It requires discipline and focus, and it requires people not to be greedy. What I continually fail to grasp is why people can't do this. It's a basic comunication issue, isn't it? Who am I kidding: there are some people who see purple and then see nothing else until it's gemmed and equipped. There are those who consult their Best in Slot (V3.2) Guide and then consult two online sites before rolling. There are those who work on the theory that 'if I can equip it, it's mine to win'... and the list goes on. DKP takes a lot of that away but it's still explotable by the right people. I have to conclude that the people who do try to win as much as they can, to the detriment of everyone else they're raiding with, simply don't care about anything except what's happening at that exact moment. If they were able to see a bigger picture they'd realise just how stupid and selfish they were, but they don't see that either... and then we come back to the real issue. It has NOTHING to do with the game, and EVERYTHING to do with the people playing it. If they don't care about it, you just don't stand a chance.

I can't make the rest of the world think. I realised this a long time ago. But there are situations where I can make people stop and consider. So, if you go into the game today and decide to take a look inside the new instance, bear the following in mind. As of today all loot that is won inside an instance can be transferred to anyone else within a two hour window. So, if you do decide to ninja an item, or your greed gets the better of you, there is now a very real way of saying sorry and making up for it.

Of course if you don't want to give other people a chance, you'll ignore this as well as everyone else. I can only hope that karma will come and pay you a call as a result.

In Response what was more than one person saying 'can you make it so anyone can respond to your posts?' I have done just that. Comments are now available to ANYONE, you simply need an e-mail address and a name.

./stands back and waits for torrent...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


'They want this place finished WEDNESDAY? That's gonna mean some overtime...'

Batten down the hatches! Slice the mainbrace! Break out the Chocolate Biscuits!

PATCH 3.2 is coming TOMORROW!!!

What do you mean I'm overreacting????

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Giant Bunny of Happiness

Got that? Right, let's recap :D

So, FINALLY the good people of Everlook decided they liked me. Took bloody long enough. I am one MC trip away from 40, or I can just keep doing the Oracles dailies. I am pretty mellow about the entire thing, and although I'd love to drop everything and just get it done, there are better things to be doing right now. It's not going anywhere. I'm going to continue being 'Knight P' for the time being and respect the Old School PvP days.

Having said all that, the weekend was pretty chuffing gorgeous.

So, the Hunter is finally Epic-ed. This was thanks in the main to a hugely enjoyable Naxx weekend, whereby I was lucky enough to snag the upgrades I needed. By far the most beautiful of all now resides in my ranged slot.

There is something about guns that... frankly it's not healthy. It all goes back to the Dwarven gun racial, of course, and the fact that crossbows or bows just don't seem right on a Dwarf. Their weapon IS a gun: solid, noisy and bloody deadly. No sneaking up behind a target Night-Elf stylee for me, no sir. They are gonna hear me as I shoot a bullet through their skull. As this is the KT drop it's really as good as it gets as well. I'm also NOT dual wielding for the first time in over a year as I also snagged a Cryptfiend's Bite from Heigan in the Plague Wing. Moody screenie of hunter holding said polearm now follows:

Early DPS tests show me doing LOADS more than I was. LOADS! More news as we have it.