Friday, July 03, 2009

It Runs in the Family

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a player in possession of a good hunter must be in want of many more.

B was, as is happens, my first ever hunter. Back in the day he was then a she, and started their life on a PvP Server (which gave them the Private title) Once paid server transfers appeared she was called over and made over and now he's been called into service as a way of collecting more Northern Spices, of having a 450 engineer for bullet making and as part of my Hunter Bankalt Team. I run three bankalts: a L27 Hunter Banking Supremo out of Exodar (who is the dump for all my current mats and who serves as my main Auctioneer), a L51 Hunter Banking Assistant in Booty Bay (who is liason for my Son's small army of L1-10 Horde alts and who keeps an eye out on the Neutral AH for pet bargains) and now B. Yes, this means I have FOUR hunters.

Why are you all running away...???

A great deal of my non-raiding enjoyment comes from the AH and from crafting. I enjoy playing with hunters at various stages of development. I find myself wondering how many people do this the same way.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


My version of the PTR keeps crashing (I can't get past authentication) and I suspect this means it's time for a reinstall. Once this is done, expect some new gubbins.

Oh yeah and I should probably do some general updatage as well. Leave it with me :D

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We wanted to give everyone a very early heads-up that, in response to player requests, we’re developing a new service for World of Warcraft that will allow players to change their faction from Alliance to Horde or Horde to Alliance. There’s still much work to do and many details to iron out, but the basic idea is that players will be able to use the service to transform an existing character into a roughly equivalent character of the opposing faction on the same realm. Players who ended up creating and leveling up characters on the opposite factions from their friends have been asking for this type of functionality for some time, and we’re pleased to be getting closer to being able to deliver it.

As with all of the features and services we offer, we intend to incorporate the faction-change service in a way that won’t disrupt the gameplay experience on the realms, and there will be some rules involved with when and how the service can be used. The number of variables involved increases the complexity of implementing this service, but we plan to take the time needed to ensure that it lives up to expectations before officially rolling it out. We’ll go into much more detail on all of this here at as development progresses. In the meantime, we wanted to let you know that because this type of functionality requires extensive internal testing well in advance of release, you may be seeing bits and pieces of the service in the test builds we use for the public test realms moving forward.

I thought I'd never see the day...