Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moving Forward

Half Term again, and this time with added ill kids with new and exciting illnesses. I've also managed to screw up comments here as well and stuff has disappeared :( Some days, try as you might, nothing goes right.

So, the plan for The Exalted is going well, albeit a bit slowly. Next on the list of easily achievables is the Timbermaw (10k's worth of feathers I knocked off in a nap phase for the wee girl) and after that it will be the Oracles. In a burst of 'honest it's not me competing' from the Hubby he's off doing the Wintersaber Trainers (all that for a purple cat? hmmmmm) which looks like an awful lot of hard work. The better bet is trying to find people to help with Scale of the Sands rep (Archimonde would have been ace to do back in the day, can see how the fight would have been a problem, as is also the case with Vashj, all those Tainted Core macros finally make sense) and try and knock off some of the instance-based ones over time. I need the Waterlords, the Scale and the Ashtongue. BT defeated us when we tried to casual it, gonna need more bodies and brains if it's gonna get knocked off the list.

This is actually harder than it looks.

Another thing that is easily achievable in short bursts is Honor. In an attempt to score Epic on my non-raiding Hunter I've been going through the BG's. There's a definite pattern in my Battle Group: huge long periods of totally rubbish playing and then a Group of Genius. Take this group of Achievements for instance: all in the same five minute period. This one also let me complete the 'do all 4 Daily PvP Quests' Achievement at the same time. The day before I also managed a WSG in under 7 minutes. Go me!

It's also been the time to pick off some of the more annying Achievements from my To Do list. The critters I did with my daughter who was considerably better at spotting them than I was, and we did all three of the set. The PvP Quests in Venture Bay I've never really taken the time to look at, but it's also a place to get Steamweedle rep (albeit not very many mobs^^) but does give me the idea to go see if I still get rep from killing the Pirates in Tanaris. I also ought to see what I can buy with Venture Coins coz if it's anything of any use I might stick those Dailies into my routine. I'm 60 quests away from completing 1000 Dailies. Erk.

./wanders off to look up Venture Coin on Wowhead...