Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Much of the Same

The Guild's been pretty quiet the last week or so: odd Naxx 10 run but not enough to make 25 viable. We scraped round with 20 last Friday (just under 2 wings) but it was close. I sense Real Life making playing a secondary interest.

In the absence of anything ground-breaking or exciting anywhere (well, Ensidia killed all the 25 man Ulduar bosses without dying, but that's hardly a surprise) I have been refining the Guide Route for the Dailies. When I've not been jousting or cooking or fishing... there has been some progress on Achieving.

Warlock first, and the Sarth + 1 came about of one of the impromptu Naxx Runs (we did Emalon beforehand) There was some lively debate concerning the best tactic for doing this, and after three wipes with us all stuck under Sarth's chest common sense prevailed and we split up boss and add. I came away with the Satchel of Spoils (which puts me close to sufficient tokens for Tier gloves) but a large gap in dps between me and the next placed person. Still needs werk ^^ Am working my way through Heroic instances, as and when I'm about and the opportunity arises. There really are not enough hours in the day you know...

The Druid's achievement are, let's be fair, a tad eclectic. As you can see we continue apace with Ulduar (hooray for self healing on Ignis) but in other news there's not been much else to write home about. The Duel I cheated in (shamelessly, sorry Pally friend) and you already know about the Oculus thing. Master Fishermen was only a matter of time with the Fishing Dailies. Last night I fished for 90 minutes and didn't get the quest item. I got over 100 Sewer Carp. *headdesk*

Hunter achievements are a good mix of Retro and Current: two more factions to go and I've covered all the Alliance (Pally friend got the Alliance achievement last night, grats go to him) We helped him earlier in the week with the last piece of rep from the Scale of the Sands to get him to Exalted (8 waves of trash in Hyjal with four of us, utterly insane stuff but huge fun) and also knocked off the Burning Crusade heroics to put us a step closer to the Dungeonmaster achievements. It's taken since i hit 450 skill to get that last copper coin. I suspect it will take just as long to land Arugal's Gold Coin. When I do then it's time to take the STV Fishing Competition seriously...

Reset Day, so summat interesting could break out this evening...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Unscheduled lack of postage, mostly because I have my son here ill (and therefore off school)

There is also the matter of the Super Sekrit Side project I have started, more of which at a later date...