Friday, May 08, 2009


So, for the first time since Le Grande Bat du Nerf hit Ulduar 10 I made it into a Raid last night.

Honestly, it's like an entirely different Instance :(

The opening encounter we did first time, with only one death. The Deconstructinator... well, if I was able for nearly a minute to remain alive with less than 100 mana and we STILL beat him... That's a VERY big nerf right there. In the end we did the last 25% with 6 of us. I miss the Enrage timer, there was at least an element of danger involved. Last night really did feel like we cheated.

Razorscale went down properly for the first time as well, in one shot. They've completely removed one layer of trash from the opening week, the chain lightning doesn't hit for nearly as much as it used to, and once you have her at 50% the burn to 0% isn't nearly as harsh. They weren't joking when they said they wanted more people to experience these encounters.

We left with Ignis the Furnace Master on 50summat%. I would predict he'll be dead when we return at the weekend, which will mean pretty steady progress and the achievement for the first part of Ulduar. This is technically taxing but really it's not going to be an issue with the abilities the Guild has. I predict steady and satisfying progress in the weeks that follow, but I can't help feeling we're being handed a lot of this a lot easier than we should be.

In upgrade news, the Druid now owns the Drape of the Spellweaver. Now all she needs is to bump off Malygos and waft it in his face...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Many and Various

You know, we've not done a general update for a while...

Finally all that slapping of Giant Lazy Blokes in the Village of Blue Laydeez has paid off, and P has another mount to add to her collection. I have no idea how much Yeti Cheese my bear has eaten since the Expansion hit, but I know it's a lot. You can see the icon for the Green Proto Drake there in the background: I now have a rather lovely selection of unique mounts to choose from. Am tempted to start working on the Black War mounts from PvP as a side project but really I need to stop being distracted by Tournament Dailies and head back to Netherwing to work on the Exalted Rep Project. Hmmm, ERP sounds like some dodgy 70's prog Rock Band. I suspect we'll be adopting that as the Acronym of Choice as a result...

M's Achievement screen needs a bit of explanation. We never actually completed the Occulus last night (and Lord Knows we tried) in an attempt to get a Guildie their Frozen Wastes title. I was pulled in on Saturday afternoon to do the last boss in a Guild run, which I effectively one-shotted, but of course you don't get the DING! until all the bosses are dead. So I did do it, just not in the correct order... yesterday's PvP Fishing quest finished off my Dailies sweep. Fishing skill now is up in the 260's somewhere. I keep hoping for a Sparkly Fishing Rod in my bag 'o' goodies...

Warlock W continues to make steady progress, though still needs to find a L200 Wand from somewhere to grab her Superior Achievement. The 10 Reps was a pleasant surprise, on the back of repeated Fishing and Cookery dailies to pull in the KT Rep. Ooh that reminds me I still haven't bought the +19 spell gem recipe from the KT Quartermaster... /makes mental note as soon as the Server is back up again...

I'm pretty much rotating these three through my daily Dailies route where I can at the moment, saving up cash to fund another epic flying mount for the next alt I level (which I suspect is going to be the shaman) Mind you, 3 alts at 80 is a lot harder than it was with 3 at 70, especially with the level of gear required to make the DPS needed for the End Game Instances...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Yes the title sucks. What else is new?

Making Money by Doing Not a Lot

No 2 in an Occasional Series of Several

I have been experimenting over the last few weeks with the optimum route to take if I want to streamline the completion of the current crop of Dailies of Choice. Lots of people have guides up, I'm not trying to pretend I'm writing something new and imba here, I'm just looking for a decent and reasonably efficient plan to take which includes the dailies I'd like to do (cookery, fishing) and gives me a route which cuts down on those annoying faff moments. I love to faff like the next person, I really do, but if I'm doing Dailies, it helps if I can minimise the downtime. So with this in mind I am proud to present:

Doing Tournament and Some Other Selected Dailies with Minimum Faffage, The Girly Edition!

We are going to assume the following before we begin:
  1. You start your trip in Dalaran with a cooled HS.
  2. You are a member of the Alliance. Horde (being clearly more intelligent and intellectual) won't need a Guide in the first place. You can work it out from both sides regardless, I hope.
  3. You have sufficient free spaces in your Quest Log to pick everything up on the list below.
  4. You have a gathering skill of some kind (in this case it's going to be skinning) so you'll have sufficient bagspace for any item you can pick up.
  5. You are already a Champion with your home Tournament faction and working on Champion status with another home faction. In my case, I'm on Stormwind at the moment, having already ticked off the Gmomes. They just love me in that underground city :D
  6. You are a nublet. This is quite important. I still take AGES to do all the Pure Jousting quests at the Tournament and therefore don't include them on my list of things to do in this circuit (Among the Champions and The Grand Melee count as Pure Jousting) I do them as an ABSOLUTE last resort. Really, I'm still that bad.
So, if you're ready, let's start our little jaunt around the environs of Northrend!

Dalaran, Icecrown and How I Stopped Hating General and Embraced the 5 minute PuG.

Click for a Larger version and to see how crap I am at doing diagrams...

A. If like me your HS is set to A Hero's Welcome in Dalaran, the first thing to do once you're ready is pop out back and pick up the Cookery Daily. Once I have that (and if it's Cheese for Glowergold I swear quietly to myself and forget about it until about 12 midnight server) it's out, turn right and over to the Bohemian Marcia Chase for the Fishing Daily (how does she find the time to paint when she's always standing by the fountain?) Depending on what this happens to be can add or remove things to your route, but as this guide includes ALL the possible fishing options we'll not worry too much about what it is and head for the Flight Point.

Oh, and if your Fishing or Cookery daily is one of the ones within Dalaran (and does NOT involve cheese, wine or old shields) feel free to knock that off before you start.

When you're done, head for the flight point. Our next stop is the Argent Tournament!

B. Ok, so here is the bulk of our workload. In no particular order we have the following:
Oh and don't forget to chuck Squire Artie 10g in the AC Tent for 100 rep (Contributin' To the Cause). Yes we know you're supposed to be making money but 100 rep is better than nothing.

By the time you've left the tent someone will already have asked in General LFG Chillmaw/Threat from Above so there's your cue to make a quick random PuG and get started. On your way to Point C it's a good idea to go via the floating Alliance bomber ship thingy and pick up the quest Blood of the Chosen, which requires you to kill 20 mobs in Ymirheim. Why's that? you ask? Just a sec, we gotta go PuG quickly.

C. Right then. Not all of us are shammies who can one shot Chillmaw (sadly), so find yourself some buddies, hope you tag all the Bombadiers first go (and the Horde/random gomers/all of the preceding don't get there first) and get Threat from Above done, then ask your group to accompany you to point D to help out doing A Valiant's Field Training and Battle Before the Citadel in double quick time. Anyone who says 'that's soloable, just needs a bit of skill' remind them you're a nublet and need all the help you can get. Most will take pity on you as a result. Trust me.

D. Arrive at Argent Biffage HQ (Southern Division), do your 2 quests and remember to thank your PuG. Then run away as fast as possible. There's only so much Hot PuG Action you can take per hour, after all. Now it's time to zoom off North again and knock off three quests in one hit! Think about the money!

E. So, remember the quest to kill the Ymirheim from the Flying Boat 'o' Doom? Assuming you're inside their city they will also count for the two Scourge biffing quests as well (At the Enemy's Gates, Taking Battle to the Enemy) Bear in mind that the Ymirheim that spawn OUTSIDE don't count. Don't say I didn't warn you, nublet here found that out the hard way... So, kill 20 giants (male or female) and it's THREE lots of Completed in the Quest Log!. We love it when a plan comes together! On your way to Part 2 of this Guide (and Point F) you may wish to drop off Blood of the Chosen if the Airship is close. If not, fly yourself down to Crystalsong Forest for the next bit of brief and entertaining faffage. Ooh, we need a new map!

Crystalsong, The Storm Peaks and You Have to Love the Blue Laydeez coz they're... Blue!

Maps! We need more maps! And explosions... oh never mind...

F. Right then. We're heading south from Icecrown and we fly over the Iceflow Dam, so time to pick up Winter Hyacinths (* on the map) if you need that particular sword quest today. Remember also if you have the Crystalsong Carrot Cookery quest this will be a great time to get those ticked off (** on map) as you pass the Violet Stand and grab your 12 bits of wood for Jack Me Some Lumber (and dodge the branches of the angry Treants... sorry I have a hard time thinking trees can ever get anything other than mildly irritated, but I digress.) If you need to kill Lord Everblaze pick him up to the south (marked with a *** on your map) and then fly to the Windrunner's Overlook (G on the Map). If at this point you need to sell stuff and/or repair, there's a vendor near the FP. After that, grab a scheduled Hippogryff (yes I'm saving 100 Champions Marks for one of these babies) and off you go to H.

Yes you could just flap there on yer epic flyer of choice but I use FP's as a way to break up my time at the screen and to provision for drinks, cuddles from children, huge afk's to clean, cook and tidy generally. It's all up to your personal preference.

So, have I utterly confused you with letters and lines yet? Have I???

H. You either love them or hate them, but the Sons of Oh Dear (yes I know it's Holdir ^^) are a necessary part of most raiders' lives because of the shoulder enchant at Exalted. Feel free to work your Sons' Dailies into your routine at this point, otherwise head to the Brunnhildar Village (*) for a quick daily and your 1% chance of the Reins of the White Polar Bear.

There's a rather useful reason we come here, because the Foot Steppes above the village (**) is by far THE quietest place to find blocks to blow up for the A Chip off the Ulduar Block quest. It's also a great place to pick up Rhino Meat for the Rhino Dogs Cookery quest, and is a fantastic skinning point (rhinos AND frostwyrms!). Really, if the wind's in the right direction and there's people doing the kill the frostwyrm quest from Frosthold I can be here for ages. Try, unlike me, not to get carried away. You can fly back either to Dun Niffelem or Frosthold for the next part of the trip, the choice is yours. Depending on which fishing daily you have, this is where your route should change.

They Fish it Here, They Fish it There, the Fishing Quests are Everywhere! (and annoyingly far away from each other...)

By now, our author had run out of witty things to place under her diagrams...

I. So, depending on where you need to go, we have a lot of options at this point :D
  1. If you have the PvP Fishing Daily (Dangerously Delicious) it will largely depend on a) who has WG b) how confident you feel fishing if your faction doesn't hold the zone and c) whether you fancy doing any of the other dailies in the zone. As a rule I'll go do my fishing with 30 mins to go to a battle, pick up the 'farm 10 of item X from the elemental quest and combine the two before picking up an invite to a PvP raid in the hope of a victory and some more cash.
  2. If you have The Ghostfish quest you can fly from Storm Peaks to the Basin and then return to the Guide.
  3. If you have the Blood is Thicker quest (kill a mob in the Tundra, jump in the water and fish the pool of blood) then I'd suggest going from the Peaks to the Fizzlecrank Airstrip, doing the quest and then taking a detour across the southern coast to do the 3 Kal'uak Dailies for a bit of extra cash (plus if you're not exalted this gives you a chance to work towards the fishing pole)
  4. If you have the Monsterbelly Appetite quest (severed hand) I'd go from Storm Peaks to Moa'ki Harbor, fly out to sea and then come back to Wintergarde Keep and pick up the trail from there.
J. Wherever you go to you need to aim to return to Wintergarde, if you have a floral tribute to make for the Blade of Drak'mar. The lake you need is a quick hop from the Keep's FP. If you don't need this quest you can skip this flight altogether of course and head straight for

K. which is the Flight Point at the Westfall Brigade Encampment and closest to the Frog Kissing or if you don't have this quest to do today it's

L. the Flight Point at Fort Wildevar which is the closest FP for the Maiden of the Lake and Winter's Edge.

To save lots of faffing it's best to work logically from east to west, I find. Whatever happens, leave the sword quests until last as they involve the furthest travel. You will then have a cooled HS and can simply rub and return to Dalaran (for cookery/fishing handin) before you hop back on the public transport system back to the Tournament for a mass handin session. Job Dun!

On a good day this takes me a couple of hours and nets me over 200g. This is quite apart from the fish, elemental bits, cloth, weapons, epic mounts (see an upcoming post) and various other bits I pick up along the way. It's hard enough on one character but if (like me) you're running 3 through the same sequence, it really does help to have a system.

You gotta have a system :D

The Main Man

This post is today dedicated to the awsomeness that IS Mr Godfather. Yes, my husband is going to get another shout out here, and for a better reason than helping me out when I couldn't complete quests:

That's him in CoT Strat helping two Guildies get the 'Champion of the Frozen Wastes' title after the Guild pretty much one-shotted Malygos 10. We didn't bother doing it until now for various reasons, but last night a strong group went and had a go (with a very nice strafe technique in P3) and he was toast. Congratulations to everyone who was involved, but special snacks to out MT who has THAT shield and a sense of achievement!


Monday, May 04, 2009

Learning is Fun!

So, I have a confession to make. Be gentle, dear Reader.

When I finally got to The Valiant's Challenge with the Hunter I did something I don't think I've had to do since a BFD run back in my 20's. I had to get someone else to play for me. It was embarassing and frankly I felt a little dirty because it seemed like cheating, but I couldn't get the challenger down fast enough. I couldn't co-ordinate all I needed to do simultaneously. So, I asked someone to do it for me. So, thanks again to my Husband without whom I would never have completed that first fight.

Since then, I've been doing my best to get my head around the Jousting mechanics. I will admit there have been tears at one point. Again, Mr WonderPallyTrousers has saved the day. He found what is a pretty foolproof method of jousting and I've watched him for the last few days. Yesterday, I felt confident enough to try The Grand Melee on my Druid for the first time:

I did it!!!!!!!!! I beat 3 factions!!!!!!!!! There may have been running around with mock shirt on head glee!!!!! I seriously considered giving up all of the Jousting stuff because of this but in the end I learnt how to do it. If I can do it, there has to be hope for all the nublets out there who still keyboard turn and lose their spells from the action bars in moments of stress...