Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Golden Age

When I started this Blog, one of the things I wanted to avoid was what I politely refer to in Guild as willy-waving. This may seem odd as a) I do not HAVE a willy and b) I wouldn't feel like waving it even if I did own one (in a jar perhaps) and at this point I should probably stop right there and properly explain the metaphor. I am not a big fan of people who like to exhibit their superiority. I do not like those who feel that they are better than everyone else because they have Item X or have Achievement Y. Life is all about what you want, not what others say you need. Except in a Game, where normally it's about maths and random numbers.

However, my numbers look pretty good right now, and I wanted to share. So I'm going to.

Via the wonder that is Be Imba, my gear scores are frankly as good as they are ever likely to be. I've worked hard to get here, and frankly I'm pretty bloody pleased. No showing off, not waving ANYTHING at ANYBODY.

This makes me happy. So I decided to share.

M the Shammy has arrived and passed L60 with some speed. I would predict at this rate she's gonna zoom towards 70 and then grind to a halt, so I think the next project is likely to be the Warlock to 80, possibly before Ulduar hits. First of all I need to FINALLY finish the Starting area quests...

Monday, April 06, 2009


<--- has clod. Has Honey and Lemon. Has 2 kids on Easter Holidays (or Spring Break as I believe some schools are now calling it.) Those pesky Americans, they get everywhere.

First today, it's time for Ghostcrawler's Corner...
"What's the point of 10-Man Hard Mode? Almost all the serious raiders are in 25-Man"
We actually don't know if this is true or not. Or more specifically, there were 40 player guilds in vanilla because that's all we offered. Then there were 25 player guilds for BC because that's all we offered. We had a lot of data and feedback that there are a lot of players who would prefer to run with a smaller group of friends even if the content was very challenging. As I said, we will see if 10 player guilds are more casual or if there are a lot of 10 player guilds who are up to hardcore challenges.
I'm all for 10 Man Hard Mode. I think there's gonna be HUGE numbers of people who will be doing the 10 man stuff, a great many via PuG. I also think anyone who doesn't grasp how far the game is diversifying at the more casual level is missing out on an entire new focus to the game. We have people now in Guild who have pretty much stopped raiding and focus solely on Achievements. I assumed initially this was due to time constraints but having read about it does occur to me that this may not be the case. As this is clearly happening across the entire game it does demonstrate that more people are being very specific in what they choose to do with their time. Getting 25 people together isn't nearly as hard as it was for 40 but it still takes some doing. If there's an alternative that's quicker, easier and less hassle... seriously, you think people aren't going to take it?

As I see a new date has been provisioned for Noblegarden I'm gonna stick my neck out and say we'll see 3.1 being deployed on the 21/22nd. If that's the case we don't have long to wait to see if 10 man Hard Mode is gonna be the Goût de choix. Does mean I need to start sorting a few things too...

In Character News: M has 375 Blacksmithing!!! It was a peculiar situation yesterday, as I was actually turning a very healthy profit for the last 15 points. Eternium sells currently for copper on the AH and Eternium Rod sells for 4g to the vendor, so I made close to 60g by buying bars, converting them and then vending them straight back in IF. Such are the idiosynchracies of this game sometimes: M's not got to wait 12 levels before she can start again, but the hard work is done. I can at least gather a shedload of mats and store them in anticipation, and anything M gathers as she levels can be AH'd. Win/Win, ftw ^^