Friday, April 03, 2009

Updatery Update

My tea making skills may suck, but the liquid does have the desired effect.

It's been a pretty quiet week, if I'm honest, but P is gonna hit Revered with the Netherwings after the next pass of quests. The money's been pretty good as well, even when to gather 35 Netherthingy Hides a day is actually a fair bit of work. Being in SMV has it's advantages however, especially when Doomwalker popped up yesterday evening. We had him at 25% (me, hubby, 2 mates) when 2 of the 'names' on the Server from what is probably the best-known Alliance Hardcore Raiding Posse appeared, clearly annoyed someone else had worked out that he drops 2 epic BoE's and 500g and is therefore worth farming. Yes, I may have been more pleased than is healthy we were there first. Especially when they turned up on Immortal Proto Drakes ^^

M the Shaman is in Outland \o/. She's also gathering dust atm while I stockpile mats to finally push her to 375 in Blackmithery. Once I've done that I'll send a higher level gatherer back to Azeroth to get the mats I need to finally finish the Mithril Order and Imperial Plate quests, after which it will be full steam ahead to 70. I've been trying to make the most of rested bonus, and so far it is paying off. Go organisation!

Tonight it's 25 man and we're hoping to get 3 wings of Naxx done. I haven't mentioned that on Tuesday we went back and killed the 4 Horsemen for the first time, which effectively means we have cleared EVERYONE in 25 man except KT and Sapph. I will need this weekend to get some mats to gem and enchant my Frost Resist items to a suitable level. Plus don't get me started about herbs and stuff. It's one non-stop gather, it really is...

Right, RL for a while. See you in the Mines...

PS: I rolled 100 for a shard last night and so did my Druid friend. This is the best rolling luck I've had for quite some time...


With grateful thanks to L, who I will probably never find a way to repay properly, there's now a little bit of Druidic Theme to the webpage at last.

Now, if I could only wake up a bit and feel less crap, there would be updates as well.

/cast [Make Tea] Rank1

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Admin Update

Those of you paying attention will notice some subtle layout changes. Expect some more during Downtime tomorrow.

\o/ for progress!

The Delicate Balance

BRK 'takes a break' to concentrate on his family.

This game, like many things in life, has the capacity to be all-consuming. All too often I think people don't realise this as well, you end up sliding into a routine which is no different from any other you might have in your life. Too much of anything, whether it be gaming or drinking or the internet generally has the ability to negatively impact your life. All things in moderation really is the phrase that pays.

If (like me) you are well aware of your obsessive tendancies it's not that hard to know when you're pushing the line and to step back. I've had my moment of overexcess with Warcraft, and it has passed, and I can now slot in everything into my life without too much of a problem. It should NEVER negatively impact anyone else's lives, most especially those of your kids. We do pretty well with our two I think: both are happy, smart and NEVER suffer at the expense of our online interest. However we are both constantly reassessing where we stand on this and things will change the moment we believe that any of the far more important part of our life is being degraded.

I applaud BRK for being honest, and for apologising in public to his family. I hope he can fix the issues he has, and I hope that in the long term the WoW Community doesn't lose one of it's most entertaining commentators. I hope he can find his own delicate balance.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Days in the Citadel

Let's start on Saturday, shall we?:

Yes, be impressed I've done all the Cookery Dailies :p I however will be more pleased at the fact I've completed three rather decent Naxx 10 Achievements. We did 4 wings in two and a half hours, which is a significant improvement on our previous best time. However, KT remains unsquished, something I would hope is corrected before the Wednesday reset. The Safety Dance however has to be the one I got most excited about. There may actually have been whooping.

Sunday Night was Progress Night (Again!) with Instructor Razuvious and then Gothik ticked off the 'To Do List'. This does mean, on this reset at least, only one boss stands between the Raid and Sapph/KT. I confidently predict a Tuesday run to at least get us to watch the Lego Construction animation in Sapph's chamber. The possibility of a 25 man instance complete is now considerably more than a possibility. Yay Guild!

Oh, and Idol of the Shooting Star. 8% drop. HO YUS!


In Reputation News: Faction #31 will be Netherwing. I went to Felwood but it was like London in the Rush Hour, so I decided on somewhere quieter and with decent cash-earning ability. Thick Knothide Leather is still a decent seller on the AH, and I get tons from the skinning daily, so this was pretty much a no-brainer. With egg drops already I'm already halfway towards Honored, so with some careful planning I should get Exalted in no time. Plus, I have to say, there is a lot of pleasure to be had in huge piles of sparkling mobs.

Talking of cash, the AH on my Server has gone a bit mental. Needless to say this is a great time to be speculating, and if you have your Cookery skill at 450 it's also time to make a few pennies. People are selling raw food items at rock-bottom prices. If you have all your recipes it's still worth doing the Daily so you can pick up 10 Northern Spices with your Award and use them to make those cheap raw materials into more profitable food buffs. As we are pretty sure there are no more Dalaran Daily Cookery quests any time soon, this is a good way of bringing in the extra golds to help pay for your Dual Spec.