Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oooh Aaah Sporregar!

So, P has 30 exalted reputations. Yes, this is sad. All look, point and mutter 'no lifer' if you wish, but after coming up for four years... I have noticed the number of people with 'the Exalted' title is slowly beginning to creep up on the Server. There's a lot of us Old Gits around. The next five, should I decide to go for them, will be hard. I do have a couple of instance-based reps to work on: Scale of the Sands, the Brood, the Ashtongue... however these aren't really soloable. I have 20k to do with the Timbermaw (which of course if completed will grant me a title as well) then after that... well, we're into Insane territory. However the last time I looked on the PTR there was a tab in place especially for the Darkmoon Faire, so I'd put money on that faction getting a revamp sometime soon, a la Noblegarden. Talking of which, must go get the new PTR build...

Before those four were done, there were these four as well. The books were surprisingly easy to find in the end (didn't even need to kill anything in Scholo for the last two) and the 500 Dailies was an accidental consequence of my 'grind gold for dual specs' project. All in all I'm quite pleased with P's Achievement progress thus far. She's been pretty much retired from raiding, and is being moved towards a grinding/PvP DS combo. I took the plunge and spent my elbows plus the 68k's worth of honor I had on gears: this meant shoulders, legs and gloves, plus the Epic boots from WG (almost enough tokens to buy the head, hopefully by the end of the week) I read this morning that Arena attendance has dropped sharply so I'm wondering if I stand any chance of finding people to do 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 with... for now I reckon I'll stick with the Old Skool BG's and will try and pick up some Achievements there.

OOh and as it's Downtime I am sorting out some more site gubbins, including grabbing some help from a guildie to make this page look a little more like a Warcraft blog...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Girl Guide's Girly Girl Guide to Preparing for 3.1.

The Second Stormwind Guides before their weekly Polearm Skills lesson.

In life, there is a great deal to be said for being prepared. Of course, it's impossible to cover every eventuality, but on most days you can accurately predict what to take with you, what the weather will be like, and what you'll need to make your day run smoother. The same is of course true in game. With 3.1 possibly only a few weeks away, it's becoming increasingly simple to guess what you're going to need to make sure you're ready for Ulduar, and for the awesomeness that is Dual Speccing.

Bearing this in mind, I have put together this shoddily-constructed and impromptu guide. Enjoy!

5 Things every Girl Guide (or Tauren or Gnome) should do to prepare for 3.1

1. Read the bloody Patch Notes, you Nublet.

I cannot reiterate this enough times. Well I could, and then I'd guaranteed there'd STILL be someone who didn't RTFPN. This is a MAJOR content patch. It introduces a dungeon, an entire new questing area, debuts a new Arena season plus literally dozens of class, profession and world changes. It will forever change the way the vast majority of people play their characters. It affects YOU.

It's also available right now for you to look at. Yes, it is likely to change several times between now and release but really that's not an excuse to pretend it doesn't exist. If you want to be properly prepared for 3.1, go take a look. It will tell you what mats you'll need to collect to make new items, what new glyphs you can look out for to improve your character, what changes you'll be getting in your Talents and will mean that clams finally stack correctly. \o/

2. 5 Minutes Planning will save Hours on Patch Day.

Take a screenie of your current talents. They're going reset on Patch Day so it will be vital you have a copy somewhere, even if you don't do anything about it now. What you ought to do before the patch hits is pop over to one of the many Talent Calculators updated with the latest PTR spell builds and look at what has changed. As things are still being tested it's early days to work out where you'll be placing those points, but if you wanna be raiding or 5 manning come the night 3.1 arrives you need to have an idea of what to expect. Plus if you plan to be Dual Speccing this is a good opportunity to go look at your second spec and work out exactly what spells you'll need to be taking. Don't be afraid to steal someone else's current spec either, just remember it'll all change come the actual patch.

Don't worry either about messing up your spells on the day and having to spend gold when you misplace a point on your talent tree either. Blizzard have this covered, with their new feature which will allow you to preview your talents before you spend any gold. They think of everything!

3. Make your Money and Items for Dual Spec NOW.

Dual Spec will cost you 1000g. This not an impossible amount to make. I've just done it in five days. This will not involve you spending every waking hour at your computer either. If you have an 80 toon and you've not yet completed all your quests, then the simple act of spending some time doing those and selling your rewards (or if you're a DE-er selling the dust and shards that your rewards can become) will net a lot of cash. Go do dailies. Yes I KNOW you hate them but really it's the best way. Hey, you can do Wintergrasp and make money as well if it's all too much, or failing that spend an hour clearing out your bank and stick some stuff on the AH.

I guarantee you'll have trouble making 1000g the night before 3.1 hits. That's why you need to do it NOW.

You'd also be well advised to decide which Glyphs you'll be using for your second spec and finding a friendly Inscriber to make them. AH prices will be even more ridiculous than they already are come Patch Day: yes there will be new glyphs but for now you really don't want to be wandering around with nothing in your spellbook. Again, a bit of research will pay dividends.

If you're PuG-ging the phrase 'I'm needing that for Dual Spec' really should not be coming as a surprise to you. Of course if it's a Tank needing leather you should be ready to bitchslap them into next patch: if you're playing with friends or your Guild it might be a good idea to introduce a 'DS Rule' about now. Don't DE it, look at it and see if it has benefit. Yes, even if it is a L78 item. Start thinking about what you should be searching for.

Maybe if you have enough Elbows, it's time to actually buy some epic DS items as well.

4. Nobody Loves you if you Don't Augment.

You may be lucky enough, if you sort everything above out before Patch Day, to get to go into Ulduar for a first play at the new content. If you do, it might be an idea to make sure you have the materials you will need to upgrade any weapon or piece of armour you might snag to keep yourself in prime fighting condition. Currently there's some absolute bargains on the AH on the Enchanting Scrolls front (and there are because people like me are selling them in anticipation of the patch :P). You could go farm some content for greens and get them DE'd in preparation. I'd certainly make sure you have the cash to go buy a Sons of OhDear Shoulder enchant, and maybe a head enchant from your rep vendor of choice. You could even buy them now and stick them in the bank you sensibly cleared out in order to make the cash for your Dual Spec...

(Of course, if you also want to make a fast buck on patch day, you could start stockpiling all the stuff above to sell to the nublets players who were foolish enough not to prepare themselves beforehand.)

5. Be Ready for ANYTHING!

Now is the time to check your computer is in fighting shape. Now is the time to download the latest video drivers. Now is the time to start checking your favourite add-on sites and see if the developers are going to have a 3.1 Mod ready for you to pick up before the patch. With Blizz' new policy on addons some of these may change or stop being updated altogether. If the site's not been updated for a while it's time to find a replacement. If you're having to do all this on the day you're going to suffer delays, and frustration. Trust me, I know.

Follow these simple steps, and you will soon have your 'Ready for 3.1' badge to hastily sew onto your Swagdog Guild t-shirt. So what are you waiting for? Don't just sit here reading this mediocre blog, off you go and get ready!!!

Le Weekend Du Win

So then, where shall I start?

2.5 Hours on Sunday night. I lost count at seven wipes. I lost my temper, on several occasions. Finally, as the third person whispered me with 'this will have to be my last try' a little bit of me realised it was shit or bust time. We'd not done the first transition with anything more than 23 people up until that point and the dps was close to being borderline.

We lost one person the entire last try.

He was at 1% when he enraged.

I had visions of a 0% wipe but...

THADDIUS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Guild!

Finally I've completed the Abomination Wing on Heroic. Next week, it's the Instructor who's on notice...

The rest of the weekend has been about grinding Dual Spec cash for 3 of the family, about PvP gear and the decision to turn my hunter into a proper PvP toon, and about getting my Shammy ready to head to Outland. Gonna cover all of these in seperate posts this week, plus I have my Girl Guide's Girly Girl Guide to Patch 3.1.

I kid you not.