Friday, March 20, 2009

Not a Lot

As previously stated, it's been a quiet week.

  • M is L53. BRD is pretty much done (Emp quest left) and I have the ST Quest in my log. There's been a fair bit of faffing, BS is at 355 and I suspect will sit there until I can mine in Outland, though I am tempted to run someone around the Isle of Dailies for a bit for the Adamantite spawns. This weekend I hope to clear out some of the Quest Log.
  • M (the Druid) picked up some useful odds and ends on our 25 man run. Stuff for DS is almost ready (am gonna do a seperate post on this at the weekend) There's been grinding in Zul'drak for cash as well. You know, actual questage.
  • P has *finally* picked up the Classic Dungeonmaster Achievement. I broke Zul'Farrak in the process. Note to self: if you don't let the NPC's on the Jailbreak event attack any mobs in a wave the entire thing bugs. Horribly. There's not been time for anything else except some light faffage beyond that, though a trip to Scholo and I will have the Well Read achievement done as well. Next I may be forced to do the Squirrels...
Nothing else to report, at least for now...

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Our daughter is currently in an insomnia-cycle.

She goes to sleep at 9 pm.
She wakes up at midnight.
She wakes up at 2.45 am.
She wakes up at 4.55 am.
She's ready for the day at 7.30 am.

Needless to say I'm good for pretty much nothing at all. This, as you can see, is affecting the game playing (and everything else for that matter). I hope to get some much-needed kip this afternoon.

Normal service will resume at some point.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

[PTR] Priorities

So, while everyone else was testing bosses last night, I went fishing.

I was instantly encouraged when I logged in: my hair is back! I flew directly to Wintergrasp first, to see what there was on offer: Nettlefish, Glacial Salmon and Mussleback Sculpin were all plentiful (very useful fish for the food-buff conscious) plus the much-anticipated Giant Darkwater Clam (which despite all my efforts I was unable to open and submitted a bug report to that end) I then decided I'd risk returning to Dalaran. They've fixed that too! So, off to find the Fishing Dailies...

You'd think with the promotion to Questgiver they'd have given her a nicer outfit...

So, back to Wintergrasp then ^^

The quest was hardly ground-breaking, but of all the five on offer it is the least engaging, probably due to the fact on a Live Server you'll want to be fishing as quickly as possible before being ganked. The fish, however, could do with looking slightly more scary. Pink does not inspire terror.

On a scale of 1-10, Terrorfish get a 2 for shockingness and a 9 for pinkness...

The 10 fish took one lure to catch. I think I may get my engi back on making the Fish Attracters in anticipation of what will be a rush on fishing stuffs, especially as a rare mount is in the loot table of all Northrend fishing schools. I know several guildies who are skilling now especially to that end...

Here's the Reward Bag for the quest: 10g's not bad, the items have some use (and I have the recipe to cook the fish so stockpiling for sale is now an option) and it means there's a daily that I won't mind doing at least until I can nab a Lucky Fishing Hat for my troubles. Having completed this I decided to go take a look at the Argent Tournament again. The FP now exists flying into the zone, so I grabbed a bird from Dalaran. On the way I noticed another change to the Interface.

I don't know if it's deliberate or not, but the minimap scaling has changed considerably. As you can see the ? on the map is a great deal smaller: with my tracking on dots are about half the size they were before. It looks a bit strange to someone who's used to the normal scale of things (I rely on hunter tracking, especially if hunting down rare or named mobs) and I'm pretty sure that the minimaps themselves have increased significantly in detail as well. As you can see I had a quest to hand in here. Once I'd done that I had a look around.

The 'shield' effect in a previous PTR Build

Things in the Tournament are a great deal more polished than last visit: lances now actually look like lances, the quests all seem to function correctly and a 3 part 'pre-quest' sequence has been introduced which makes you talk to three NPC's who explain the basics of the Jousting interface to you. There are also visual pointers to help even the most inept to grasp the charge, the block and the melee attacks. The Targets themselves have evolved significantly: in the earliest PTR Build, targets had no shield around them at all. The Red 'halo' appeared subsequently as an indicator of how much damage you had done to a target: green meant it was at full strength, amber meant weakened and red (seen above) almost exposed. Once the shield was down: BANG! This has now been refined further with the new 'shield' looking a lot more polished and identifiable:

Three green 'shields' means this target is at full strength

These small shields (they revolve around the targets) also appear around you if you are jousting, to give an indicator of your current shield strength. Always keep a full stack up on yourself if possible: the less protection you have, the more damage you take. You'll work it out :D

Banana Shoulders will have a comprehensive Guide as to what actually happens in the Tournament (if you'd like to prepare yourself for the event) but that's not really my interest here. I've gotten a great deal of satisfaction watching this zone evolve over the last few weeks, and it's given me at least an insight into how part of the development process works. I'm really hoping that the patch will be ready for Easter.

New instance aside, there is a great deal to look forward to in 3.1.