Friday, February 13, 2009

Somebody's Watching Me...

- Do you know we're stuck on an iceberg?
- Nope: you hum it and we'll all join in ...

P gains the Achievement Critter Gitter.

All I need now is six more days of the Dalaran Cookery Daily and Hail to the Chef is crossed off the list. Next? Well as Winterspring Furries now give 20 rep a kill, it may be time to work towards They Love Me in that Tunnel. I only need two more candies for the Fool for Love. Don't ask. Just DON'T.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Hurts

I am staggered by just how many people do not get how the Pledge Collection works. Is it really that hard to grasp?

Each City (IF, SW, Darn) requires you to collect 3 types of item (5 of each) to make their respective Gift Collection.

  • Pledges of Loyalty and Guards Cards are ONLY available from Guards (once you have the correct scent slapped on, and yes I've been using both to maximise my exposure)
  • Bread, Homebrew and Wood Carvings are ONLY available from NON-GUARD NPC's (which seems to be something a surprising number of people simply haven't grasped at all)
  • Once you have the 'Adored' buff it does not matter how many times you declare your undying affection to anyone who's listening, you will NOT get the chance for another Gift of Adoration. No really, stop asking in Trade guys, it's not any different from any other 1hr World Event buff.... /sigh
Really, is it that hard to grasp?

[EDIT: Despite what I've read on several posts, you'll also need to be INSIDE Naxx for your Love Fool /pity to register. Let's hope I can be in WG regardless of who controls it...]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spend, Spend, Spend

So, thanks to that lovely Pally over at Banana Shoulders it seems that I should be considering doing summat useful with the Elbows of Heroism currently stacking up in P and M's Currency window. As there's a new level of Elbow (extra pointy?) available once you start raiding in Ulduar (blue post here) it seems logical to focus on the 25 man raiding tokens and use my other stuffs for PvP Gears (dumbass here didn't realise you could use badges for gear until yesterday, boy am I ever behind the curve) So, some actual research may be needed.

For now I'm dreading logging on and the inevitable assult on my senses that will result from That Valentine's Event...

Get Down!

So, it's Wednesday again.

Today's projects in Downtime:

  • Adding a set of links to my most-used and most-read WoW Resources
  • Adding a bit of spiel to the sidebar
  • Inserting the Disclaimer
To the Template Page! Let's Go!

[EDIT: \o/ I am getting the hang of this now... ]

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So Then...

See that there? That's a Black War Bear, that is :D

Needless to say the LAST thing I expected when I logged on last night was to get this. As is often the case in this game, you know the right moments when they happen. You are aware of when something is right, and it's time to run with it.

I logged to see someone PuG-ging for the Achievement. Their selling line in Trade made me laugh out loud (that a certain person had left the Raid, someone who if you end up in a PuG with them you KNOW it's gonna be bad) and I signed up with P (despite a 10 man slot in Naxx being available for M. Time to let someone else go.) As it stood before last night I already had three out of four Racial Leaders dead anyway, and all I needed to snag the Achievement was Lor'themar Theron. No matter, I could do the other three again without a problem.

I knew I was in a good group when I rode into Duotar and saw EVERYONE else making their own way there. No-one asked for summons, everyone was focussed and prepared. Within five minutes of the raid hitting 40 people EVERYONE was outside Orgrimmar and ready to roll. We moved in, killed Thrall, and had portalled back to Theramore within three minutes of the kill. At that point I realised we were onto a winner. Each kill went fast and smooth, mages having portals open as soon as we'd downed the leader. Thunder Bluff portals opened to Ironforge, people met at the Bulwark and dispatched Lady Sylvanas Windrunner with frightning speed, and then we were flying from the Island of Dailies back to ZA for the ride to Silvermoon. Even Hubby at this point had to concede how impressive a 40 man raid can be when it all just works.

Yes, I rode around Dalaran like a loon for thirty minutes afterwards, then did the same in Ironforge. Yes, I am a 12 year old at heart. Working as Intended :D

After that I rode into Wintergrasp and finally grabbed M her hat: Titan-forged Leather Helm of Dominance is not a pretty thing but it meant I could finally move some hit gems out of my set and go back into crit a bit. I spent money at the AH, grabbed the Kirin Tor head enchant and was about to have an early night when the 10 Man Naxx raid lost two people at Sapph. Well, I wasn't going to deny the other 8 people the instance clear, now was I?

KT died, and the Druid Tier Token dropped. The only Mage in the raid rolled 97. 'Never gonna beat that,' thinks I 'I've had all my luck for the evening.'

M rolls 100 (1-100)

Some days, try as you might, nothing goes wrong :D

So as you see above I now own 2 bits of Tier, have the bonus damage with Insect Swarm, and really need to sort out my PvP set now I own a kickass (spare) helm...

Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend Roundup

So, it was a pretty packed weekend.

In Shock News we had sufficient people sign on Friday night to be able to take a realistic crack at 25 man Naxx. The Spider Wing fell with surprisingly little hassle, and we did the Safety Dance and cleared the Plague Wing with similar ease. We hit a wall with the Military Quarter, and even after a change of MC personnel on Sunday when we went back the Instructor remained stubbonly alive. So, we went and aced Patchwerk and had Grobbulus at 5% before time ran away with us. So, with twelve people aready signed for this Friday I'm pretty confident we'll see more progress. This is very satisfying considering Ulduar cannot be too far away.

There was even a decent 10 Man run on Saturday which I got a chance to participate in, though sadly rien de lewts. Am hoping tonight may actually yield summat, if we can get the Rookie Tank we have past the 4 Horseman...

As you see by the ? above I finally managed to grab sufficient Brood rep to get to Neutral and start the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline proper. The AQ40 we did in the week got me 40 rep short of going from Hated to Hostile. I had to grind Carapace Fragments to get through Hostile and Unfriendly (just how much can someone not like you?) which was 6000 rep and a whole evening of mind-numbing torture with nothing to show from it apart from the fragments and 2 Thorium Lockboxes. Fortunately I had help (ty D) but now of course I have the task of downing all four of the Green World Dragons, plus the series of quests to get me to Neptulon. Methinks this may take some time...

I now have enough Wintergrasp marks for M's Epic Hat. I also have 55k honor, and mindful of the fact I can't have more than 75k thanks to Blizz' cap I may actually have to go look for an Arena partner. I think perhaps it is time to invest in some proper PvP gears. The craftable L78 stuff is really not gonna cut it after all...

This week's looking quite packed (RL and In game) and with That Valentines Festival looming am wondering which of the Alts I'm gonna get a title for this time...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

End of an Era

So yesterday, after what's been (all told) several months of consideration, I decided I was going to make M the Boomkin my Main in the Guild. This has several ramifications, most notably that I will be unable to have primary priority on any Hunter lewts during raids. I have to say this does not bother me nearly as much as it would have.

P has a lot of history behind her (and a shedload of Achievements) and I doubt she's gonna get retired. I am embroiled in the AQ Scepter Quest sequence with her (more on that later) and she's still useful for farming and the like, but the fun has gone from her. The Hunter changes have not been kind, and although I can still pull the dps it is, if truth be told, becoming annoying and frustrating for me to be a Hunter while Blizzard faffs so much with the class. I am spending more time with M and enjoying it when I do, I find the mechanics of gameplay a lot less stressful, and perhaps most importantly of all (as was borne out by the 10 man Naxx last night) I have added utility as an offspec healer. It meant we could run 10 man with only two dedicated healers and I could switch forms for fights like Instructor Razuvious. It was a decent night last night: Spider Wing pretty much 1-shotted with a new tank, Plague Wing sorted (The Safety Dance sucessfully done with nine, which is a record) and everything in the Military Wing cleared up to the Four Horsemen.

It does mean that when the Dual Spec ability is introduced I can become a full healer/dps combo whic should make for a lot of game time. Somehow I doubt there's gonna be a lot of call for a Dual Specced Hunter when that time comes...